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    refugium size

    I have a 285 gallon tank with a 70 gallon sump and large protein skimmer. I have the space to put in a refugium but wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting my time putting in to get only minimal results. I was planning on putting in a 125 refugium and keeping the sump, should that get...
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    I have a 300 gallon tank 4 clown fish 4 anthias 4 cardinals 5 chromis hippo tang medium kole tang medium flame angel I wanted to add 1 or 2 purple tang, at least 3 yellow tangs and a blonde naso tang. Any suggestions of order or all at once?
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    Will a purple tangs and yellow tangs get along? My tank is 300 gallons
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    Atlantic blue tang

    Yes I'm introducing them at the same time. I have a 300 gallon tank.
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    dry live rock

    What do I need to do to the rock if I have some dry live rock that has been sitting out for more than a year before adding it to my tank?
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    Atlantic blue tang

    Will an Atlantic blue tang and yellow tangs get along?
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    My friend who own a lfs, who went to school for marine biology, is not confident that a refugium is the best thing. On one side it takes out phosphate and nitrate which is great, but one point I've never seen talked about, does it take out a lot of nutrients that help the corals grow. The...
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    Did my tank cycle

    I'm going to add a refugium next week. But does the tank not fully cycling make sense? Your so right that nothing good happens fast
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    Did my tank cycle

    I feed frozen food, it's a reef. I have led the lights ramp up to 60% for 4 hrs then ramp down. And I use rodi water. Someone had thought that maybe it wasn't fully cycled and the good bacteria didn't grow, but I'm with you something is feeding it.
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    Did my tank cycle

    I have a 75 gallon sump With a protein skimmer rated for 700 gallons, media reactor with rowaphose, I feed frozen food one time a day and turn all the pumps off during feeding.
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    Did my tank cycle

    I upgraded to a 300 gallon tank, it's been up and running for about 4 months. I just have 6 blue chromis, 8 anthias, kole tang, blue hippo tang, 2 clown fish and copper band butterfly. I think I might have donetoo many water changes to early. I was doing 50 to 60 gallons once a week. All...
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    adding anthias

    Is there any guide lines when adding different anthias? Can I add a few at a time or do I have to add them all at the same time?
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    refugium size

    Is there a size that is too small that will have little benefit, I might only be able to fit a 30 gallon.
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    refugium size

    I have a 285 gallon with a 55 gallon sump with an asm skimmer gc-15 and a phosphate reactor. I am thinking about also putting in a refugium. What size would it need to be so it will be beneficial to my tank? Thanks
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    uv light/ refugium

    Can you have a uv light and a refugium running at the same time or are they working against each other?
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    school of fish

    What would be a good active school of fish to get. We are up grading to a 300 gallon tank. My other fish are: yellow tang, blue hippo tang, kole tang, 2 clown fish, 3 strip demsel, 6 line wrasse and 2 pajama cardinal. Thanks
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    2 stage controller

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a 2 stage controller for a heater and chiller. Thanks
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    my sump has a leak

    Thanks..I'm change it out today.