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  1. guarda

    Sarah's new 60 gallon!

    looking good! Great to see all that beautiful coralline. All it takes is one fraction of an asterina on a frag plug to wipe it out. Happened to me :(
  2. guarda

    Real Ocean Water is wayyy too salty?

    +1 refractometer. When I started I didn't know what that was, until I lost half my coral.
  3. guarda

    Bubble Algae

    My wife, "OOhh shiny green marbles! How much did you pay for them?"
  4. guarda

    New Aqua Illumination Sol LED's...

    she's a bot. nuke her
  5. guarda

    sump design question

    Yep, that's what I was planning. I already have the valve. Thanks for the tips!
  6. guarda

    sump design question

    26 gallon up top. Not sure I really need it. Haven't had algae issues in my 20gal apart from the 4 month cyano syndrome. Definitely looks interesting though. Reading up on it.
  7. guarda

    sump design question

    algae scrubber. hmmm
  8. guarda

    sump design question

    Ah, I forgot to mention. I have no floor space left. Skimmer, return pump, and other small things take up almost all the little room I have.
  9. guarda

    sump design question

    Yes, I agree. The bio chamber was actually an afterthought and I sort of regret not planning it into my sump design. I was thinking maybe a 6" cube suspended on the inner right wall of the left side and have a y line from the return pump push water though. What do you think?
  10. guarda

    sump design question

    Hi everyone, With the limited space in my stand, I built this sump that fits perfectly and am wondering if anyone had any ideas on how and where I should build a spot for my chaeto. Here's a terrible shot of the sump so far. Thanks for any input. :)
  11. guarda

    just saw there's a 10% sale today. perfect timing, need some supplies for my new setup
  12. guarda

    Definitely legit. Ordered lots of times. If you can't make the free shipping minimum, use their sister site, $75 minimum for free shipping.
  13. guarda

    New Aqua Illumination Sol LED's...

    +1 for a great tip. They are strong.
  14. guarda

    New Aqua Illumination Sol LED's...

    i have the ai nano (same light, but only 2 discs). I got the controller but never got around to hooking it up. My light turns on at 11am and goes off at 11pm. That's it. My corals are growing fine and I'm seeing colors on my sps that weren't there with my stock elos e-lite. I like it. I have...
  15. guarda

    good thing you asked :)
  16. guarda

    Is my frogspawn forming "heads"?

    yep, it be a growing when you see it splitting like that. when you see a bubble, it's also growing. the other, more uncommon means of reproduction is by polyp bailout. When it gets stressed it'll pop off a polyp or two in hopes of finding new territory.
  17. guarda

    Uncommon or very uncommon?

    Mine hosted (humped) my return pump until i got an rbta.
  18. guarda

    New Mandarin

    +1 white and dead looking at night. After about 3 months he stopped turning white. I'm thinking that was when he didn't feel threatened anymore as he sleeps out in the open now.
  19. guarda

    question on leaking tanks or other tank failures

    Catastrophic failures ime are usually from older tanks that have been filled, then sat around empty and unused for some time. I'm sure heat and temp changes come into play as well. Non-level tanks are also very dangerous. I live in a litigious-happy condo in NYC and when I upgrade from my...