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  1. JimFun71

    Video narration needed

    Here is a video of some crab interaction. Please see if you can come up with a funny narration for the crabs in the video. crabs video by jimfun71_2008 - Photobucket Thanks as always, Jim
  2. JimFun71

    Green Hair Algae

    No, I don't have any turbos. I have some asteras and creiths. Obviously the ceriths won't be any help but the asteras just scrubbed that rock a few weeks before. The rock was almost bare. I don't want to add to many snails to my tank as it's only a ten gallon and i'm worried there won't be...
  3. JimFun71

    Green Hair Algae

    Hey all, I believe this to be the start of the dreaded green hair algae. Is this green hair? Green Hair Algae video by jimfun71_2008 - Photobucket I'm thinking pull the rock, scrub in distilled water and return to the tank? Thoughts anybody? Thanks as always, Jim
  4. JimFun71

    Polyp spawning a new node

    Thanks to all, I was pretty sure but it's nice to hear from folks with direct experence in the matter.
  5. JimFun71

    Polyp spawning a new node

    Hi all, I think my button is spawning a new node. Normally theres 6 heads and today I noticed that one of them was all closed up tight and there was a new growth on the stem. Does anybody know for sure, is this how a polyp spawns a new head? As always thanks for any input, Jim...
  6. JimFun71 Tell me, what I am doing right and what terribley wrong!

    Once the tank is established you will most likely be able to forgo the NH3 NO3 and NO4 but as water evaporates your salinity changes. You might be able to devise a formula as for how much water to replace. Then the PH still needs to be monitored. There are a great many things that can effect...
  7. JimFun71

    New job need to move tank.

    Hey all, I might be getting a new job and need to move. Unfortunatly it's about a 5 hour drive from where I am now. I was wondering has anybody moved a tank before or read any articles about moving a tank? It's now winter time and the tempature is my biggest concern. I thought about getting one...
  8. JimFun71

    Visually unappealing lighting

    Well I finally got my new Corallife 50/50's in the mail today. 10,000k and actnic. So I poped um in and...ick. I really dont like the look of my tank now. Everything is so blue. Everything in the tank looks dull and dark. The only thing is now the green in my brain coral looks kind of...
  9. JimFun71

    Bristle Worm riding a Cerith Snail

    Hey all, I'm just amazed by how many critters came in on my LR. I knew I had a bristle in my tank but now I found I have a bunch. Baby snails and all kinds of new critters. I got some pix of a bristle riding on a cerith. Take a look...
  10. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    Thanks for the link. Awesome worm guide.
  11. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    I'm pretty sure it was the Eunicids.
  12. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    Hey Waddi, I'm glad my art work gave you a chuckle. Thanks for the input guys.
  13. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    Ok, I'll trust you guys. Defenatly didn't look like the pink purple worms. Looked more like the red white one but it wasnt hairy looking the legs were much more leggy looking and the body was smooth and a red/orange color.
  14. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    I'm a bit worried as the clostest pix to what I saw is this. This is listed as a fire worm. Fire worms are agressive and will eat snails, softies, poluyps and anything else they can get. If it is a good one cool but I hate...
  15. JimFun71

    Unknow Worm / centipeid

    Hi All, Today I was setting a polup and I repositioined a rock so the polup would have a nice spot to live. When I picked up the rock a worm thing fell of the under side. I tried to grab it but it dug under other rocks too fast. I drew a pix on paint so it's pretty childish but it's a fairly...
  16. JimFun71

    Ultraviolet Snails

    Hey all, Just thought I'de share a little tidbit I discovered with you. Tonight I was watching my tank when the lights went out. After a few minutes I saw the peanut worm come out of his hole then I saw one of my Cerith's come up from the sand. I didn't want to scare him away with a flash light...
  17. JimFun71

    Cyano or algae?

    Hey all, I believe this to be cyano. Can anybody tell me for sure? I also get patches on the glass and sand. I have tried to siphon it off the rocks and sand but...
  18. JimFun71

    Nano lighting

    What temperature lights would you recomend?
  19. JimFun71

    Is this worm good or bad?

    Hay all, Heres a vid of a worm I found in a piece of my LR. Anybody know what this is? Thanks for any responses. Jim Worm video by jimfun71_2008 - Photobucket
  20. JimFun71

    Tank won't cycle

    Smitty, I started with about 9 lbs of LR. Little fish, my guy at the LFS told me to start with a small fish. He said it's the same as starting a fish only tank. I would never use an animal for sacraficial purposes. I have an old book form the 80's when I had my fish only tank and it said the...