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  1. 14 gallon nanocube

    Clown Fish Had Babies!!!!!

    congrats keep up with your water and they will go every ten days if they feel safe and happy.Yeah free tank food
  2. 14 gallon nanocube

    Sticky for OH NOEZ MAH FISH IS SICK threads

    LMAO Just to funny but true
  3. 14 gallon nanocube

    sump styles

    check out .............melevesreef
  4. 14 gallon nanocube

    plate coral...

    Nice coral looks happy to me.glad its on the sand.see so many people buy those and mount it on the rock work like a frag duuuuuuh.
  5. 14 gallon nanocube

    When to change light bulbs

    I change my fowlr lights ever 24 months because i start getting problem algea around 10.000 hours 2 years at 12 hours a day is like 8.700 something
  6. 14 gallon nanocube


    That's funny nice pic
  7. 14 gallon nanocube

    7.8 or 5.2 watt for gallon in a 30gl tank??

    If you only want to keep softies go with the 4 bulb fixture but if you wanted to someday get some of the fancy lps or sps then grab the 6 bulb can always raise it up off the tank a little if its to much for softies.We have 6 watts per gallon of t5 on 40 breeder and have no problem...
  8. 14 gallon nanocube

    fluval 204 as refugium pump?!?!?!

    The overflow will only drain what is being pumped back into the tank it will work but the flow will be very slow in the fuge.I have done it on small 5 or ten gallon nanos with a fluval 204.Your overflow is capable of running at 300gph but if you are only returning 180 gph to the tank then the...
  9. 14 gallon nanocube

    Combo/Split Tank?

    +1 for little_fish The horse coral should be much cooler why not big reef in the new tank and small seahorse tank in your cube.The horses and piefish will do better with less flow than a reef as well.Although horses like a tall tank with lots of hitching posts at different levels through out the...
  10. 14 gallon nanocube

    Show me your tanks!...I need ideas :]

    If i was ever going to do another cube i would do a center over flow or middle of the back glass if it was smaller
  11. 14 gallon nanocube

    What do you guy's think about the "Aquaripure" filters

    It' just snake oil all smoke and mirrors
  12. 14 gallon nanocube

    Purple stuff on live rocks

    Hells yes.........come on biff.Nice one amber
  13. 14 gallon nanocube

    Purple stuff on live rocks

    " Biff shame on your for molesting the new kid " " LOL....its on my schedule to touch it tonight when I get home" If biff asks for a picture i'm gonna die
  14. 14 gallon nanocube

    Purple stuff on live rocks

    Damm i just choked on my allday.........(bow chicka wow wow)
  15. 14 gallon nanocube

    Purple stuff on live rocks

    LMAO that sounds naughty
  16. 14 gallon nanocube

    Does anyone know the answer

    Thanks biff just looking for a base line like 100 lbs of rock displaces approximately x gallons thank you though have a good one
  17. 14 gallon nanocube

    Does anyone know the answer

    Hello all just a silly question but Is there a formula for how much water live rock will displace in a reef tank.just wondering if there is general rule of thumb like 100 lbs of rock = x gallons.Hard to believe in 20 years plus i never thought about this.thanks in advance for your help
  18. 14 gallon nanocube

    Clownfish Eggs?

    M eyes are not that good but it does look like he is tending almost mature eggs.when they first lay eggs they are bright orange and when they turn silver they hatch.If they are happily breeding they will go thru the cycle every ten to 14 days.good luck enjoy.Our pair goes like clockwork every...
  19. 14 gallon nanocube

    Stock List For a 1000 Gallon FOWLR

    What about a baby whale