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  1. cms722

    I have a 110G deep tank

    Yea I totally agree. That's why I was asking about the fixture that Ariel posted. Because it looked like, from what everyone has been telling me, to be what I needed.
  2. cms722

    I have a 110G deep tank

    Haha awesome! I've been looking everywhere for something that would work. I don't wanna skimp but I don't have too much to spend either
  3. cms722

    lobster molt

    +1 pokerfish lol thats what i would do. it would be epic
  4. cms722

    I have a 110G deep tank

    Would that light be good enough for a 55gal? It seems like a good price but I don't know alot about them lol
  5. cms722


    Reefgeek? Not sure I've heard of them. I'll have to look him up. Thanks =)
  6. cms722


    Yea for the 55. And yes the one I have has individual reflectors. I wouldn't think of not having them. There's such a difference just by having them on there. Does anyone have any recommendations for bulbs? Right now I just have a white one and one that is kind of a purple hue. I'm going to...
  7. cms722


    Hmm, thanks, that might work. It looks like the one I've got in there. Would having 4 lights be enough? Cuz I've got two right now, if I got two more would that give me the kind of wattage I would need to have corals?
  8. cms722


    Ok so I've been looking around for some new lights for my tank because right now I only have two t5's on it and I know that isn't enough for having corals and that is eventually what I want to do. I have a canopy on the tank and it is beginning to frustrate me because I can't seem to find lights...
  9. cms722

    I have no clue. . .

    Haha yea I've noticed. First time I decided to watch it my sexy shrimp released her larvae n now I find new things. I love this hobby more n more every day.
  10. cms722

    I have no clue. . .

    Lol I've been looking at stuff since I found them. Somehow I just didn't picture them to look like that. Pretty neat to find stuff even if it is just a worm =)
  11. cms722

    I have no clue. . .

    Ok so I just looked at it again. Its actually almost an inch long. Which means there's more than one. But it looks fuzzy too. Are brittle worms fuzzy?? Lol
  12. cms722

    I have no clue. . .

    I've heard of them before, and thought it might be, but it was there n gone so fast that I could hardly guess lol so they're not bad?
  13. cms722

    I have no clue. . .

    Ok so I got a few things from my LFS and a small piece of live rock got stuck in with it. When I was looking at the rock I saw this lil tiny worm looking thing on it. Prolly a millimeter long at best. I have absolutely no clue what it is and I would have gotten a pic if I could. It was black, or...
  14. cms722

    Stocking Limit for Inverts?

    My serpent star does the same thing. They come out at night. I caught him once. And then the next time I looked he had changed hiding places lol so I guess they have their own agenda.
  15. cms722

    firefish help

    Its crazy to think that that fish can get that big! Lol I mean you expect tangs to get huge but I know I hear "goby" and I don't think of a fish that size. Must have been fun to watch him though. Minus his abilities to upset you're whole tank hehe
  16. cms722

    Cranky Damselfish Question

    I had a damsal too and I had to ban him to the fuge for a while because he was nipping the tails of my maroons. They're pretty but annoying lol
  17. cms722

    Clown Sucking Anemone (Sorry)

    Haha, adorable!
  18. cms722

    his last day :(

    Aww that's so sad. I love the blue spotted jawfish. Definitely one of the ones I wanted. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  19. cms722

    My Lawnmower Blenny is running out of hair algae.

    Mine does too. I put my hand in there and he's ready whether or not I've got food lol. It all just depends on the fish. Good luck though!
  20. cms722

    Bubbles everywhere!

    If I turn the pump off the bubbles stop. Obviously lol. I tried adjusting the flow when this started. I turned it all the way off and slowly turned it back on and adjusted it the way I did when I first set everything up, even the slightest bit of water creates bubbles. And as far as isolating...