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    Free bag of rubble (Pickup NJ)

    Sold...or given away!
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    First day up and running

    Update, did some tests, and the waters pretty nice. Decided to risk a little with some cheapie frags I got from a friend. Also picked up a small cleaner crew, 6 snails and a hermit, 7 bucks. This is taking over my free time!!!
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    5409 001.jpg

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    5409 002.jpg

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    5409 003.jpg

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    Free bag of rubble (Pickup NJ)

    Its about a 2 lb bag of rubble if anyone needs any extra. Came from a well established tank. See pics for size. Hackensack, nj
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    Nano, Nano, Nano

    Yea, fans are loud. Bulbs dont get very hot though. The output from the pump nozzle can create a good deal of turbulence on the surface, I have a Hagen powerhead 301 about halfway down shooting into the front of the tank. Ill try for pics, but I think theyre too large.
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    nova extreme loud fan

    I had luck at the local computer parts place with fans for my nano cube. JBJ wanted 25 plus shipping each, Microcenter had 2 fans same size for 12.99. I cut the tach wire, and spliced the black and red into the old connector, works great, and saved some money...surprising in this hobby.
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    First day up and running

    Heres a few pics of my newly acquired 24 nanocube. Pics are with only 1 light on, other one was out to search for replacements. I like the idea of the all in 1 setup, even though it may not be the best. So far just got some live rock from a friend, 4 per lb, and the tonga esque stuff came with...
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    Salty 001.jpg

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    Salty 002.jpg

  12. Salty 003.jpg

    Salty 003.jpg

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    Salty 005.jpg

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    Nano, Nano, Nano

    I just picked up a 24 gal nano-cube. I like it so far, although it needed lights and fans right away ($70) I think its a great first step into reefing, well see how it goes.
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    Whats everyones thoughts on the Biocube/Aqquapods/etc?

    Thanks for the eye opener, Ill be patient and keep looking..
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    Whats everyones thoughts on the Biocube/Aqquapods/etc?

    Hi, New to the saltwater scene. I was contemplating picking up my friends 18 gallon setup, but Im running across alot of these Biocubes/aquapods used for less than 175 bucks! And now Im completely obsessed with the idea of saltwater in my living room. I like the all in one features of these...
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    Newb alert!!!

    Yeah, anything helps on that little 2.3. 190hp is still impressive though. Especially for a 2200-2500 lb car.
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    Newb alert!!!

    Thanks alot for the words of wisdom. Is that a BioCube? I recently ran across one of those and now Im obsessed!! I think thats the direction I want to go in, all in one setup, plus people are getting rid of them for less than half of the orginal price. Space is also an option in my 1 bedroom...
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    Newb alert!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Alot of attentive people on this site! Im hoping to pick it up this week, clean everything out, and start fresh with a new cycle, water etc. Anyway to speed up the first cycle? Does Bio-Spira work? What is ok to put in right away, and what needs to wait, besides...
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    Newb alert!!!

    Ok, I will keep that in mind. Im all amped up about this tank now, and my friends not even sure if he wants to move it! He f'in better!