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    Chocolate Chip Starfish Emergency

    One side note is they are not reef safe.. if the legs are melting/discenagrating hes prob a gonner or close to it so its likely best to remove him. In generally you should have your tank going for atleast a year before you add a starfish.. they need the microfuna to build up in the tank to have...
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    Reefdudes Custom Shallow Reef tank

    Thanks Becky! This I love this hobby!
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    My bio cube 32 is cycled! Yay! Now what?

    For media chamber i like using something like marinepure or other filter media.. if you can using a filter sock or even polyfill in the overfill will help keep your water crystal clear. For stocking sounds promising.. note dotty backs can be punks!
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    Please help. Tang is getting nipped

    Dotty backs can be nasty so its a good suspect.. I would just hang out and watch the tank in the evening to try and spot the aggressor
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    starting over with a 55 gallon tank..... after 6 years

    haha, this is certainly not a cheap hobby! ..unless your handy with the DIY! i try to make alot of my own stuff like reactors and what not.. helps :)
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    Reefdudes Custom Shallow Reef tank

    Hey Guys, I just joined the form and figured i would say hi! My tank is a 5.5/6' Custom shallow reeftank. this is my (4th?) reef tank and was completely throughout and designed by my self. its currently against the wall but will eventually be turned into a peninsula. Here is my latest updated...