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    My friend is building a coral farm

    Isn't that the truth? I believe a lot of friends are going to offer frags to get him going, but he has had some family help out to get it going. I think it is going to be pretty awesome when it is up and running all of the way though!
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    My friend is building a coral farm

    My friend is building a system to do some reef farming. I had suggested that he record experience from the beginning (as it is a pretty neat set up in my book!). I thought I would share. I don't know exactly how many gallons, but I do know that he has over 600 lbs of rock so far... I thought...
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    Our 50 gallon tank from the beginning

    Thanks guys. The hydnophora is on a rock without any other coral near it. The closest is the frogspawn which is about 8 inches+ away and above it. The next closest is kenya trees (and it can sting those as much as it wants!). Good to know though. :)
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    Our 50 gallon tank from the beginning

    You can see a large pic of the tank here: Our 55 Gallon Saltwater Tank in December 08 Some close-ups I took today (include the new coral):
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    Our 50 gallon tank from the beginning

    Here is an updated picture. We have a few hard corals now - one is pink birds nest - the other I haven't a clue what it is called. :)
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    to many fish??

    In our 55 gallon reef tank we have 8 fish (mostly smaller fish - Royal Gramma, 2 purple firefish, small clownfish, watchman goby, bicolor blenny, damsel, and a six line wrasse) and 2 shrimp (fire and cleaner).
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    Saltwater/marine fish newbie

    Welcome to the reef! :)
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    Oooh OOoh Read mine!

    Welcome to the reef! I had an anemone for a little while (1 month or so), it wandered a lot, and liked to hang out at the top of the tank. We didn't feel up to upgrading the lighting, now it is in a happy home with lots of light.
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    November POTM Voting!

    Amazing pics this month! Wow, it was a hard choice. I voted Reeffreak, amazing pics all of you though!
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    yellow watchman

    Yellow watchman gobies and lawnmower blennies aren't difficult fish to keep (love them both!!!) they both have a lot of personality. We never saw any issues with the clown and either of them. We fed them mysis shrimp.
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    Ok this must be the blasto. I wonder what that other coral is now... It is a white green color, I will grab a pic when it is under the normal lights. lol (we just got a frag of each of these guys).
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    Lol, what is it? My husband said blasto... lol
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    Lol. Here is it under the blue lights. I had to shorten my light cycle for algae issues. :(
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    Lol. I will have to post some tomorrow.
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    I just got some blasto coral, love it! Very pretty. Anything special I should keep in mind in caring for it?
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    blue throat

    I love our royal gramma bright purple and yellow. You don't have a blenny! Blennies have tons of personality, I have a bicolor which is a dark purple and yellow. Hmm, I seem to like purple and yellow. I am thinking about saving up for a blue spotted jawfish (very colorful and jawfish have tons...
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    anemone ???

    We have frogspawn in a lower light tank and it is thriving. We didn't have enough light to keep an anemone happy though (although we did make an attempt!)
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    RIP Lenny the Blenny

    Yay! I am glad he is ok. Tough to lose a favorite.
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    My friend's 125

    I will definitely check it out. I get to start slacking again once the new term starts. I never learn, LOL.
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    My friend's 125

    Lol. I am sooooo sick of college textbooks. I sit every day in a room piled with books and notes (I sort of procrastinated a bit too much, and my term is almost over). As I sit here procrastinating some more... I have no idea why I am subjecting myself to work 50+ hours a week and trying to drag...