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  1. Susan

    Cycling question

    Even took a sample in to make sure my test is reading correct
  2. Susan

    Cycling question

    Today is day 6 no change in my water ammonia is 0 ph 8.0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 I'm using API test I'm using natural ocean water My live rock was cured in a brute trash can with a pump for 1.5 months ruffle should I be seeing a change in my water by now?
  3. Susan

    Red Sea Max Tank

    You can do some upgrades to make it quieter love the RSM I just have a 130 which I replaced there pumps and skimmers , and I did a diy on led in the hood . If it' used just check to make sure there is no scratches on the glass it will drive you crazy there great tanks
  4. Susan

    Cycling question

    Hi new to this form. I got out of reefing about 5 yrs ago now I'm getting back into it I have a 34 RSM and 3 days ago I set up a 50 g with a 20 g breeder tank/ sump. As of now I am using T5 ho lights and one led black box temporary, skimmer I have cured live rocks in the sump and about 55 lbs...