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  1. CurtisL

    d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

    hit me up when your in tampa!! everything is going to look great! top notch workmanship for sure.
  2. CurtisL

    d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

    so awesome!
  3. CurtisL

    CurtisL's 40 breeder build

    thanks guys! any suggestions for the sump!?
  4. CurtisL

    CurtisL's 40 breeder build

    Well i have finally gotten around to setting up a tank at the new place im at. well at least started the process of setting up a tank. i picked up a 40 breeder, stand, 20 long for a sump. lumenmax elite reflector, galaxy 250 watt halide, and im looking forward to getting her set up. here are...
  5. CurtisL

    Finally! My 75 Gallon Full Blown Reef!

    haha looks awesome!
  6. CurtisL

    New to the site and starting a new tank wanted to share!

    welcome and looking good!
  7. CurtisL

    question!!!! 3 days without lights!

    Thanks guys.. And no not for algae... Went out of town for a couple days and don't have timers on the lights so no one to turn em on and off... But thanks for all the responses!
  8. CurtisL

    question!!!! 3 days without lights!

    will it hurt anything in my tank!? urgent! thanks for the replies!
  9. CurtisL

    collecting and shipping small inverts!

    i live here in tampa as well. as long as you have a saltwater fishing license you can take all of the snails and crabs that you want. we have a local reef club that just had their annual collection trip over at fort desoto.
  10. CurtisL

    Help - Heater Broken

    You guys are geniuses.... but can you fish... thats the question. LOL
  11. CurtisL

    20 Gallon frag/zoa garden tank build

    looking good!
  12. CurtisL

    Oceanic 14 gallon Algae ?

    id wait for someone else to chime in then... im a newb, by no means a professional. just going over the obvious things i can think of.
  13. CurtisL

    Oceanic 14 gallon Algae ?

    idk maybe someone else will chime in.. what kind of water are you using?
  14. CurtisL

    Oceanic 14 gallon Algae ?

    how many is plenty? and how long are you running your lights?
  15. CurtisL

    Greasy Joe's 125 gallon algae turf scrubber tank

    looking sweeeeeet!
  16. CurtisL

    Oceanic 14 gallon Algae ?

    just looks like some algae to me.. what does your clean up crew look like? a nice mexican turbo snail will clean er up
  17. CurtisL

    A huge A-P-O-L-O-G-Y out to all of you!!

    I'm right down the street from you. Is there a time when your open for locals to come look around?
  18. CurtisL

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    i like to think im tough... but MMA.. i'm sure he's a little tougher :o( LOL. ill just leave it as your very pretty.
  19. CurtisL

    can you use an inflatable pool as a fish tank

    What hell CurtisL......LOL good english.. lots of people enjoy shark though. i dont eat seafood though :-) not a fan