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  1. Jmck

    Long time no sea....

    It's been a long time since I've been here too! hahaha. Back in the hobby at least, good to see your still well
  2. Jmck

    Who's here from the old days?

    There's another name I remember! They are super cool and I've missed it
  3. Jmck

    Who's here from the old days?

    I've been everywhere man! haha Nah, out of the hobby. But time to restart. :) How've you been?
  4. Jmck

    Who's here from the old days?

    Hey all, It's been a long long time since I've been on here! I'm coming back to the hobby and I've bought a 5ft red sea tank (picking it up in 2 weeks). Who here is still from the good old days of this forum, probably 5 to 10 years ago? Cheers!
  5. Jmck

    Cycling a tank, adding fish and corals

    This is amazing that the content I wrote so many years ago is still helping people! What a good feeling :)
  6. Jmck

    Cycling a tank, adding fish and corals

    I am pleased to see that this post is still going and useful :) Maybe I should refer to it when I start my own tank up again haha
  7. Jmck

    New to LF - Need help raisin' ma fishes

    Hi Yall, Looking at starting back up with a mini tank, I used to have 60g, maybe something 30g would be good to start with? What would you stock it with, corals, fish? Yes I know, I should screw the little tank and go straight to 500g, where do I sign?
  8. Jmck

    d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

    Dennis, it is fair to say that you have the most amazing tank I have seen, from FTS to the back end, I am impressed :) Amazing!
  9. Jmck

    Thinking I would like a Clam. Questions.

    My flame angel was fine withe the 5 clams that I had :) They are easy to keep but are filter feeders. So will need to feed very very fine foods into the water column unless you have a well established tanks with health pod and bacteria population
  10. Jmck

    Need help/guidance

    As always, the cavalry came in and answered everything perfectly :D Best forum ever
  11. Jmck

    Need help/guidance

    What size is your tank ? You will need appropriate lighting for the stock you attempt to keep. Fish or corals? or both? What kind of corals? Air stones are a no, normal filters are a no Dry rock with one live rock piece Dry argonite sand Salt - premixed salt water from LFR is best Do not...
  12. Jmck

    couple questions about a new 150 set up.

    First thing you should do is do water changes until your nitrates are 0. 30ppm is high for marine and would be best to get it down before you get some algae eating it You should be looking at getting a clean up crew slowly. Chucking 140 snails in would be overkill straight away,
  13. Jmck

    New camera?

    I love my Canon 60D. Takes incredible photos with an external flash and some manual settings. Worth every penny IMHO but takes some time to learn as well. I do want a full frame DSLR though. a 6D or 5D mark III. Dam expensive though
  14. Jmck

    running gfo - air bubbles?

    That first photo did look like Cyano to me. Did you accidently stir your sandbed somehow ?
  15. Jmck

    couple questions about a new 150 set up.

    Oh, you also shouldn't be doing water changes during this phase. Wait till your ammonia and nitrites are zero. Then do water changes to get your nitrates down to or as close to zero as possible. When you are there, run the tank with low bio load and place your first fish in the tank. This will...
  16. Jmck

    couple questions about a new 150 set up.

    Hold on. Isn't this a brand new setup? Haven't you transferred all the sand and water from OTHER peoples tanks? There is your first mistake. Do you know what the quality of those systems was? Do you know what was in the water and sand? Did you rinse the sand before putting it in? this is...
  17. Jmck

    bio balls vs live rock

    :) well that should answer your question either way, bio balls are one of the most useless and dangerous items in a reef tank. live rock there would help, as would macro algae.
  18. Jmck

    bio balls vs live rock

    Oh no! someone who did no research :/ Bio balls are extremely outdated and useless unless washed every 3-5 days. They hold a lot of detrius and can be nitrate factories causing spikes in ammonia and killing our tanks. Avoid at all costs. Every tank MUST have live rocks. If you do not, get...
  19. Jmck

    Just starting up

    Welcome to Living Reefs :)
  20. Jmck

    Are canister filters any good?

    No No No No No No No. Canister filters will hold all of your bad bacteria and end up being a nitrate and phosphate factory destroying your saltwater tank. This question has been answered a bazillion times ;)