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  1. ErinCahir

    Whose the boss ?

    Looks amazing, Lesely!!
  2. ErinCahir

    Interesting Reef Safe Fish

    Welcome to the forum, @blennymain You're a bit limited on what you can stock in a 30 gallon tank. is a great resource. Look under "nano fish" and you can get some great ideas!
  3. ErinCahir

    Hi from Liverpool in the UK

    Welcome Allan!!
  4. ErinCahir

    Hello im new to the hobby

    Hi and welcome!!
  5. ErinCahir

    Dry Rock Pillar

    It looks great!!
  6. ErinCahir

    Dry Rock Pillar

    Oh man that tower is super cool. Do it!
  7. ErinCahir

    Cleaner shrimp died...

    A good rule of thumb (especially for newbies) is to not dose for anything you can't test for. Some of the seasoned guys can do it but they've been around the block a time or two. Don't let it get you down.
  8. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    Looks great so far! Slow is the way to go to keep it up!
  9. ErinCahir

    New Guy, New Tank

    Hey there! How big is your tank?
  10. ErinCahir

    New to the Saltwater World

    Hello and welcome!
  11. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    The micro brittles are some of my favorites. They're great hitchhikers. Give it another couple days. You still have the shrimp in there, right?
  12. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    Excellent idea.
  13. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    Looks great!!
  14. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    Haha. I think I have an idea how excited you are. ;) Inverts (your shrimp, crabs, snails) don't count towards your bioload so you're good there. Have you thought about a clean up crew? Bottled bacteria (imo) is a waste of money. Just wait your cycle out and it'll be fine. You will have to do...
  15. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    I'd recommend a clown to start with. They don't really need to be in a pair and noob is right. Four is really pushing it. I'd do two at the most. I'm also going to warn you about the leather. They're kind of notorious for chemical warfare and they win that war. I had a toadstool leather in my...
  16. ErinCahir

    New nano reef

    Hey Josh! API has decent test kits for just starting out and their saltwater kit has all the basics. As for the rest of the stuff... I don't personally have a preference on heaters or thermometers but some of the super tech-heavy boys will hopefully weigh in for you. What are you planning on...
  17. ErinCahir

    Alright. What's this?

    Haha. I did poke it, for the record).
  18. ErinCahir

    Spot the fish ??

    They're gorgeous! Good luck with them and keep the updates coming!
  19. ErinCahir

    Alright. What's this?

    Haha. Not yet! But I will!
  20. ErinCahir

    Alright. What's this?

    Thank you!! Every nuisance algae I've had has been so ugly. I'm like "at least yours is cute!!"