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  1. Cheeser

    Just ordered a whole bunch of high end zoas. :-)

    ^^^ im with this guy. we wanna see pics when they open up.
  2. Cheeser

    pencil urchins...

    reef safe? doing research I get mixed opinions... anyone have these in there reef tank?
  3. Cheeser

    Removing Long Tentacle Anemone

    that sucks. a good way to remove an anemone is take ur powerhead off the glass and put it right in front of the nem. itll let go on its own.
  4. Cheeser

    acropora crab

    and I think they'll die if they don't have a good sized acro colony to live in.
  5. Cheeser

    cheapest picos???

    Well ...I mean w reef capable lighting.
  6. Cheeser

    cheapest picos???

    what is the cheapest reef ready pico style aquarium? im hoping to find something between 5-8 gallons but really anything between 2-10 gallons is cool.
  7. Cheeser

    Return Pump

    yeah it should.
  8. Cheeser

    99 problems and Frogspawn is one

    I know they don't like too much flow
  9. Cheeser

    nano lighting options.

    ok cool. that's what I was thinking. does anyone know where I can order the pc fixture that comes on the deco kit?
  10. Cheeser

    nano lighting options.

    bad ass. thanks. I appreciate it.
  11. Cheeser

    What is this?

    get like 7 or 8 nassarius snails.
  12. Cheeser

    nano lighting options.

    ok cool. the cheapest ones I found were like 70-80 bucks. does that sound right? I read on another forum a while back that u can find them at walmart. the only ones I found at walmart when I looked are par 30. would those work?
  13. Cheeser

    What is this?

    also u should get some nassarius snails and a couple of hermits to help stir up that sandbed.
  14. Cheeser

    What is this?

    I hate to tell u this. but your anemone will die if u keep it in your tank. u can learn the hard way like I did. ( a few times.) or u can see if u can find a new home for him or take him back from where u got him. cyano-algae tends to start in dead spots. its a good indication to adjust or beef...
  15. Cheeser

    nano lighting options.

    what fixture would be good for a 5 gallon lps tank? im looking for a style that clamps on to the tank. im trying not to spend a lot of money.
  16. Cheeser

    What is this?

    I would get 1 hydor koralia evolution 550. or the bigger nano version, or the 2 smaller nano koralias, but the evolutions are better built.
  17. Cheeser

    What is this?

    what kind of filter do u have?
  18. Cheeser

    Reef Octopus skimmer not working

    did u move ur skimmer around at all?
  19. Cheeser

    Feel like I found gold haha

    bad ass.
  20. Cheeser

    In-Sump Protein Skimmer

    Bubble magus nac3+