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  1. flipstyle72

    new tank cycling

    thanks! we'll have a housesitter so someone will be able to check on things and top off. I didn't want to bother them with doing a water change though if possible, so it'll be ok for 10 days without? What are thoughts on auto-top offs?
  2. flipstyle72

    new tank cycling

    Hi! So i have a timing dilemma. I am leaving July 23rd to go out of town for 10 days. I plan on starting my tank cycle this weekend or early next week (Monday) with some liverock and live sand. The LR/LS vendor told me I should be good to go before I leave, thus my housesitter will have...
  3. flipstyle72

    Marine newb

    Hi! The name is Reny! I'm a husband, father, pet lover, artist, carnivore, fitness enthusiast, comedian, horrible breakdancer, narcissist, daydreamer, retired supehero, sushi eater (i won't eat your marine life), poet and New Orleanian... among a few other things. I've been researching the...