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  1. Ulta

    Out and Back in

    You would want to make a plan to phase out the CFL lights with something better LEDs are the way to go now days but you have to be careful to get some for an affordable price. Lot of companies mark up prices when targeting reefers.. Also if your CFL bulbs are old they will produce bad light...
  2. Ulta

    cool point and shoot

    Beautiful! What coral is that?
  3. Ulta

    Need help with reef lighting

    Look into shitboxes heres my link to em on fb.. -> (One; would grow corals over half your tank & prolly some low light corals on other.) Personally, I'm looking into DIY my own LED's... could always look into that! Otherwise, I think shitboxes...
  4. Ulta

    B's NanoBox Powered Fusion 20

    Wow man tank looks great!!! Is that last post the upgrade? :D ...:thumbsup:
  5. Ulta

    Is this Possible? (Please help!)

    If your ever woried about using something for saltwater for the first time... You can always clean it out with Vinegar & Water. Make sure you rinse well. Only effect vinegar has in the aquariumis lowering the pH.
  6. Ulta

    Is it possible to overskim?

    Yup, usually the ONLY restriction you have for going bigger is Space & Cost >_<
  7. Ulta

    75g Peninsula Before/After

    lol, pop can got left in the freezer too long and needed to cool down my tank on a sunny day >_< Make a cool pic tho
  8. Ulta

    75g Peninsula Before/After

    This is my 75g that I just tore down(& Sold off) because of move cross country. Before/After:
  9. Ulta

    Best test kits for beginners

    If you plan on having an aquarium long term mine as well do it right with SALIFERT test kits. Especially for your coral tests. (Alk, Cal, Mg)
  10. Ulta

    For those with super old tanks....

    Hard to believe that is true with the rocks, but with the sand, yes. Some of the best aquariums I have seen do not use sand at all.
  11. Ulta

    where to buy?

    I save up and go to frag swaps! SOOO MUCH better bang for your buck!
  12. Ulta

    Is this reddish/orange growth a coral?

    that is cool!
  13. Ulta

    HELP!! What is this

    if anything gsp are a good way of letting you know if your tank is healthy yet or not... and if they don't make it, well they are like grass to most ppl lol. Just don't let those bristle worms get too big lol. the little ones are good cleaners!
  14. Ulta

    hey fellaz!!! hav a few questions about cycling. thx

    Tampa Bay Salt is the only one I've heard of that does live deliveries the right way.
  15. Ulta

    hey fellaz!!! hav a few questions about cycling. thx

    +1 Erin And yes, the reason your cycle is longer/larger is because of the internet rock. Most likely everything was dead on arrival (this is why if you internet order rock your better off with Dry rocks) but all that dead matter has to decay hence the large cycle. Bacteria in a bottle could...
  16. Ulta

    Goofed WC?

    correct! As for the other part to your answer, I do not know if the "precipitate" will just dissolve when in the tank. I'm sure it would and there not be any neg effects.
  17. Ulta

    55g tank, all levels ok. all fish died overnight

    You have a LFS check your water yet?
  18. Ulta

    Water treatment instead of water changes

    I believe this product could work as it says it does. However that is not to say there is not more to pay attn to. Like Northstar mentioned. Imo i think these products need to give specifics on what they include, not just tell u what they do. You STILL need to test your water. It sounds like...
  19. Ulta

    Trying to find a new place to order from used to have a pretty bad rep. When they credit you for dead on arrival it becomes "credit" toward next purchase. Which sometimes led to many many purchases before you get back what you paid or just giving up with credit left.
  20. Ulta

    Death to my fishes

    Look for local reefer forums to buy nice live rock, or craigslist. Drip Acclimate, I drip all my critters only ever lost 1 purple lobster doing drip.