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  1. charlieB

    Our Anemone!!!

    looks really nice under that lighting
  2. charlieB

    salinity a little high what do I do?

    you shouldn't add stuff to raise the pH of your top off water unless you are really trying to raise the pH in your tank. basically what you are doing is just diluting the pH up with freshwater and then adding it to the tank. if your tank's pH is fine then just add the regular untreated distilled...
  3. charlieB

    small nems with TBS order

    got a response from richard You have a bulb anemone..really cool critter…only grows in the gulf!
  4. charlieB

    small nems with TBS order

    i also thought it looked like a baby bubble tip anemone but they live in the pacific/indian ocean areas and this rock is cultured in the gulf of me stumped
  5. charlieB

    small nems with TBS order

    yea brownish with a slight hint of green
  6. charlieB

    Too much?

    as long as all the fish look healthy and the tank isn't getting dirty then I'd say it's "just the right amount"
  7. charlieB

    small nems with TBS order

    thanks guys, i put the rock flower nems in my 5 gal for now and they are doin great, one more small nem was attached to a piece of rock and i could use some help on this ID as well
  8. charlieB

    small nems with TBS order

    ordered some stuff from TBS and richard threw in 2 small nems that weren't part of the order, they look kind of like small sabae ones to me? sorry the picture of the front came out really blurry...
  9. charlieB

    nano filtration

    not terrible advice, the hanging filter will essentially be functioning as a weak powerhead but it gives you somewhere to run carbon or other filter media if you want it. the live rock and powerhead(s) are the most important part, and though it's not completely necessary I would look into a good...
  10. charlieB

    Why might I have algae

    A good place to start would be
  11. charlieB

    noob kit

    depending on the size of the gaps you could try filling them in with gobs of superglue gel
  12. charlieB

    bigger fish for 90 gallon reef tank

    Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Mystery Wrasse - Reef Safe Wrasses Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Axilspot Hogfish, Bodianus axillaris Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Tahitian Butterflyfish Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Cuban...
  13. charlieB

    Six line wrasse with an exquisite fairy wrasse?

    I wouldn't just get one, I would get a male and a couple females so u can really enjoy their full beauty and courtship displays!
  14. charlieB

    Long time issues...

    what does your alkalinity test at?
  15. charlieB

    Im about to give up

    +1 Also how large is the sailfin tang? A friend of mine had a similar problem in his 250 gal tank, over the course of a few months he lost 2-3 new tangs and 2 foxfaces, was very confused because his water chemistry looked normal and couldn't see any signs of stress in his other fish/inverts...
  16. charlieB

    Just got done setting up 54 gal corner

    looks sweet especially with the matching stand
  17. charlieB

    How to clean old sand

    CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand I really like the grain size of this sand, perfect if you want something that won't blow around under strong flow but still fine enough for sand sifters and burrowers to live in. As far as how much you need for your desired thickness, that depends...
  18. charlieB

    suggestions on a good test kit, NOT API

    I like the Red Sea test kits personally, but I also use the API ones as well. I find both to yield accurate results as long as you follow the instructions, but the Red Sea tests give results on much smaller scales so you can get a more pinpoint reading. Normally I do my regular testing with the...
  19. charlieB


    have you tried making minor adjustments to the wet side and see if it makes the noise any better/worse?
  20. charlieB

    Changing from sand to crushed coral

    it sounds like you used very fine sand, you could try using a coarser grain sand like CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand I use that sand in both my tanks and it doesn't blow around even with strong flow on the bottom, and it's still fine enough for sand sifters to enjoy