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  1. kevdogg

    Construction of a 6500 Liter Saltwater tank

    Very nice! Good luck with the build!
  2. kevdogg

    Upgrading my tank, need your help.

    Makes me miss my dogs. Had to rehome them because my son is allergic to the dander.
  3. kevdogg

    Upgrading my tank, need your help.

    Good luck with the move Monique. What type of skimmer are you using? I think mine needs an upgrade. Goob, i only use LR and a skimmer so i think you'd be fine for a while without a sump.
  4. kevdogg

    How often do I feed clown fish?

    +1 sfb!
  5. kevdogg

    tank blow

    I wasn't thinking that blowout would be an issue. I have the same size tank and will be getting the gyre in the not to distant future. Even though the water inside the tank will be more turbulent, it will not be anything the tank cannot handle. I've seen several tanks running multiple mp60s...
  6. kevdogg

    Upgrading my tank, need your help.

    Congrats for making it this far! As far as pieces for the 55 vs the 75 or 90 you may want to really pick out pieces that are sized for the larger tank if thats what you really want. If you undersized your parts then you will just need to buy more and/or replace them. A refugium is not...
  7. kevdogg

    New Gyer unpacked tonight !!

    I cant wait to see what you think.
  8. kevdogg

    Rockstacker's 120g Build

    Nice watching the updates a year apart to see how things changed!!!!!
  9. kevdogg

    Sarah's new 60 gallon!

    Just wait for bubble guppies!!! Lol 75 long is a good size for taking up a wall. But you may be unhappy with the width of the tank. Coming from a cube to a long??? However the length may allow you some additional viewing time. Just some thoughts.
  10. kevdogg

    My Monster Reef "Tanked" Build

    Good luck. Can't wait to see how your tank progresses! Pics work wonders!!!
  11. kevdogg

    Aquarium Sharks

    :-) groupers are much better beginner fish. I just dont want to see you fail right from the beggining by getting a shark. Cheers!
  12. kevdogg

    Experiences with....

    I used for a few smaller orders and always liked what they sent. However i have also gotten rock from bulkreefsupply, the pukatani rock. I would recommend this far above anything else. Its a little more expensive but well worth the money.
  13. kevdogg

    Secret to replacing globes ?

    I would change the bulbs over a period of 8 weeks. Do 2 a week until complete. Most people get used to lighting and dont notice much the degradation in bulb quality. So when you change the bulbs this is changing the environment that you have created. Just allowing your tank time to acclimate to...
  14. kevdogg

    Aquarium Sharks

    Olly it looks like you have a 120 gallon setup. This is not large enough for a shark. They need more and more room as they grow. Sharks are no like other fish. The hasselts bamboo shark can reach 2 feet long! This requires a lot of space to turn around. I've heard you need at least 3/4 the...
  15. kevdogg

    60 Gallon Cube

  16. kevdogg


    Sometimes there are bad things that get into the rock. Boiling kills all this and sanitizes the rock. Its quicker then letting the rock simply dry out.
  17. kevdogg


    If you really want to start over by "boiling" your rock, you are saying just that. Throw your rocks into a big pot and turn up the heat. 10-20 minutes should be plenty to heat the rocks internally. However I would just let them dry and once wet again anything that had died will help start your...
  18. kevdogg

    60 Gallon Cube

    Looks nice
  19. kevdogg


    Thx guys