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  1. NanoReefer

    ecoxotic led strips

    email sent
  2. NanoReefer

    ecoxotic led strips

    Damn.. Bump will accept offers
  3. NanoReefer

    ecoxotic led strips

    still available
  4. NanoReefer

    FS: frags of SPS, LPS, ZOAs (some special/rare goodies!)

    just remember you setting up your tank, monki! everything looks beautiful! looking forward to buying when i get my nanocube set up
  5. NanoReefer

    Looking to purchase new Fish

    6 line wrasse?
  6. NanoReefer

    ecoxotic led strips

  7. NanoReefer

    New here

    no problem steve, its great to have you!
  8. NanoReefer


    yeah, i found the fixture on ebay, and i buy everything through ebay becasue its safer
  9. NanoReefer


    amba check this out CREE LED 72 watt DIMMABLE Reef Aquarium light Model XPG R5/XPE = 250MH its actually made by cree, i plan on getting one for my nanocube
  10. NanoReefer

    Leak testing in cold weather

    could you put it in a garage, or something slightly heated?
  11. NanoReefer

    Established tank or a brand new one?

    im sure we could help you choose the better deal, if you explained the tanks a little more thoroughly. such as means of lighting, filtration, protein skimmer, live rock quantity, types of fish, coral, anemones, powerheads etc.
  12. NanoReefer

    lighting for a 40 gallon breeder?

    they are bridgelex 3 watt leds, a mixture of white and 460 nm blue. it is from Finsanity Aquarium Store paid 229.99 for it 6 months ago. it has been run for 8 months 8 hours a day, so it is hardly used as far as leds go.
  13. NanoReefer

    Smitty's Reef

    looks great smitty! i love the variety of corals
  14. NanoReefer

    lighting for a 40 gallon breeder?

    i have a 32 led diy fixture with dimmable white and blue leds that im selling if you're interested. its 24 inches and has 60* optics
  15. NanoReefer

    laser for killing reef pests?

    the guy at my lfs uses his on aiptasia and pest nems, and wears welding goggles when doing it at ALL times
  16. NanoReefer

    Bad experienc on ReefCentral & looking for a better forum?

    welcome to the forum! i agree with you man, most of the reefcentral people are assholes... i never liked that forum. i thought it seemed like more of a place where people showcase their awesome tanks, don't accept criticism, and will not go out of their way to help others. just my two cents. but...
  17. NanoReefer

    Anyone know what these are?

    1. frilly/ fuzzy mushroom 2. mushroom 3 and 4 are zoanthids
  18. NanoReefer

    Amba's Dream Tank

    tank looks great amba!
  19. NanoReefer

    Progress on Red Turf Algae

    i would ratehr have a FOWLR than a red turf occupied reef. i hate that shit, took over my 37 gallon, my only reason to start a new tank