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  1. Salty B

    Chad OchoCinco's INSANE Aquarium

    He's got a pretty sick headboard too....
  2. Salty B

    white worm? slug? flat thing?

    Polyclad flatworm maybe?
  3. Salty B

    My 5g tank.

    Looks like Pyramid snails to me.
  4. Salty B

    November POTM - Non-coral inverts

    IMAG0293 - Copy by SaltyDawg_2009, on Flickr
  5. Salty B

    What is that on my Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab?

    Looks like a barnacle to me.
  6. Salty B

    Large white star found

    The big ones I had ate zoas and trees. The tiny pure white ones just seemed to like coraline. I had a severe infestation of them and got a harlequin shrimp to kill them. Sounds like you havent got that many so I would go with manual removal as you see them. Some people have them in their tanks...
  7. Salty B

    Large white star found

    These were mine....
  8. Salty B

    Large white star found

    I had some dime sized asterinas that attacked softies. That one doesnt look the same as the ones I had though. I'll dig up some pics in a little bit. Maybe the 3 legged one is a different one. But they can drop off body parts that regenerate into new stars
  9. Salty B

    Tube worm? Invasive!

    Thats what it looks like to me. Heres a pic of my hydroids
  10. Salty B

    Really Tiny Feather dusters, Or maybe Aiptaisias ?

    heres the best pic i could find of mine. it's retracted but you can see the tube structure and the tips of the red duster. when fully open it was layed out flat and as big as a pencil eraser.
  11. Salty B

    Really Tiny Feather dusters, Or maybe Aiptaisias ?

    Just reread your post...didnt notice the red part lol. Do they have white curly tubes like a big spirorbid with a red skirt? If so....wouldnt worry. Harmless.
  12. Salty B

    Really Tiny Feather dusters, Or maybe Aiptaisias ?

    Hope they dont look like these....if so, they're hydroids
  13. Salty B

    Mysis shrimp babies

    Pretty cool! I read somewhere that they will reproduce untill their food supply run out then they turn on each other and population goes back to almost nonexistant. Mine liked to hang out under the maxi minis.
  14. Salty B


    Your first water change and all your corals are colsed up? I must have missed something. How long has this tank been set up and what do you have for livestock?
  15. Salty B

    Another ID needed...Carpet this time

    I lost a clown to a maxi mini. They may be small but they have a potent sting. I've never seen a clown host a maxi before but cant say it's impossible. Where they dont get very big, I bet they would get irratated and move to another spot if a clown was persistant enough. My clown went right for...
  16. Salty B

    plz help. i cant get rid of my nitrates!!!

    How old and what kind of test kit are you using? Have you checked your water against a different kit?
  17. Salty B

    What is this worm like thing?

    1. Hard to tell from the pic....try here and see if you find it Worm Hitch Hikers 2.DAMN! That tanks slightly overdue for some tlc :shock:
  18. Salty B

    What is the name of this Anemone

    +1. Way to big for a pineapple but still a sponge. Maxi minis are wicked cool nems but not one a clown will host. Mine tried and got the crap stung out of him. They are small (for a carpet) but pack a whallop! I was cleaning the glass once and stuck the back of my hand on it and had a rash like...
  19. Salty B


    Cool! What kind of test kits are you using? Have you tested the water before adding it to your tank? Are there any inhabitants in the tank? It doesnt look like there is much for flow on the bottom. Directing flow towards the bottom will help keep nasties in the water column so the skimmer can...