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    Back in the hobby, and back to Living Reefs

    Hi @Ian, looks like things are pretty quiet on Living Reefs. Tank is doing well — just added my first fish (ORA Snowflakes Clowns) to the DT this morning after they spent about a month in quarantine following the HumbleFish method! Should start quarantining my next batch of fish in about a week...
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    Back in the hobby, and back to Living Reefs

    Evening all, after about 6 or 7 years after selling my last tank I am getting back into the hobby and figured I should come back here. Hope everyone is well! Set up the tank today and just waiting for the sand to clear up.
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    [LED] Ecoxotic Pro RGB Module

    Sorry, sold this back in November. I should have updated the thread.
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    Green Coralline?

    Coralline growth is an indicator that you are maintaining good Calcium and Alkalinity balance. Whether you scrape it off your glass is personal preference :-)
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    Tritan's SW Startup (110g)

    Live Sand isn't worth the money, but around here it seems as though the sand anyone sells is "live." Its not going to hurt anything if you use live sand.
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    justin's 55 reef w/ATF

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this come together.
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    Finally! My 75 Gallon Full Blown Reef!

    I wouldn't worry about not being able to find the Chromis, they're just hiding in the rockwork somewhere. You'd be surprised how small of a space they can fit into. Did the skimmer overflow back into your sump? If so you want to do a water change right away to get those pollutants back out.
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    Edgy Fluval and Frag Tank

    I really like the levels in the frag tank, that seems like a fantastic way to provide different amounts of light. Pretty much all of the frag tanks I've seen are just the one level shallow tanks.
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    What is your TDS threshold for changing filters?

    Props for responding. If you'd like to be a part of the living reefs community let me be the first to welcome you. I hope you're around the next time some one has a question. DAvis...I haven't checked the calibration for a while. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Power head! (finally got one)

    Do you have the maxijet setup as a propeller pump or a power head? The propeller should put out 500 gph I think and a decent wide flow. I would aim the powerhead or propeller out towards the glass which will spread the flow, adding turbulence. I would still plan on getting another powerhead or...
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    Casey and Sarah's brand new tank!

    Sweet! You will not be disappointed with the MP40.
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    What is your TDS threshold for changing filters?

    So do you just trowl the web looking for people asking this question? I found this exact same answer by you across multiple sites for the past couple of years... You also always seem to resurrect dead threads. It seems like it would be better marketing if you actually built up a relationship...
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    Eric's 90 Gallon Upgrade

    I picked up this new ORA Hawkins Echinata frag Thursday. I was a little reluctant about putting a rather expensive and sensitive SPS frag into a tank that I'm having some SPS issues in at the moment but the Hawkins is a little rare around here so I jumped on it. I saw some polyp extension this...
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    snail ?

    I have suicidal nerite snails. All other types of snails are fine, but nerite snails crawl up and out of my tank the point that its part daily maintenance to glance around the sides of the tank, edge of the stand, and floor around the tank for any little guys that need to be...
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    Low Calcium reading

    Red Sea Coral Pro won Marine Depot's salt mix of the year. I'm happy with it, though I'll be switching to Red Sea Salt (not coral pro) after this runs out as I'm adjusting down to NSW levels.
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    +1 Little Fish I've now got 4 Ignitus Anthias in my tank and I've tried a bunch of different ways to keep them fed. I'm doing pretty well now with an eheim autofeeder feeding Argent Cyclop-Eeze twice a day and then I do a third feeding in the evening with a different food. I've gotten all of my...
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    POTM February - Corals

    Beautiful shot jcloutie80. I love white Zoas.
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    Eric's 90 Gallon Upgrade

    You did mention you thought my Alk was too high this past weekend in my abiotic precipitation thread, but I was following the red sea coral pro program which says to target 12.6 dkh. That program apparently is not supposed to be run with bio pellets. The salt itself mixes at 12.2 dKh. It's a...
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    wontonflip's 125g build

    That pic is sufficiently creepy I'd say :-)
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    Parrot's 150 Long

    Sorry to hear about that, its always hard to lose a fish :-(