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  1. meshman10

    hair algea GRRR!!

    its not bad yet, and i would prefer it stay that way. I pulled a bunch out of my sump last and night it does get long and green, the problem with pulling off by hand is that if a peice floats off and you cant catch it then where ever it lands is a new spot.... damit man
  2. meshman10

    hair algea GRRR!!

    not a "REAL" problem yet but some step ahead suggestion's would be nice..thank's :bowdown:
  3. meshman10

    Nem split wooohooo!!!!

    WELL, had"it" for about 18 mounth's and it survived 2 move's 1st to bigger tank and then to a new house about a year ago and well, to make a long story short I'm a dad again!!!:Buds:
  4. meshman10

    Clam question

    I dose with roti-rich by fufosa like once a week and my 3 seem to be fine, just enough to make the tank slightly cloudy though,so I tend to dose at night. biff's right watch the mantle and peek under it to see if there's any new growth ( it will be bright white) also some clam's require more...
  5. meshman10

    60 gal newb

    sound's like you did your homework first, keep us posted..
  6. meshman10

    suggestions plz!!

    don't get me wrong, I would love to have some sps's but I just can't seem to keep them . with me it's like thing's I should be able to have dosen't do well but thing's that give people trouble do great. I got three nem's, 3 clam's a hammer that is growing like a weed and recordia's that are...
  7. meshman10

    Corals per gallon?

    well, that depend's on the coral's, for example, about 500,000 mushroom's or,17 galaxy coral's or, 4,000,000 xenia or, 1 starburst and in 5 year's, you'll have nothing but starburst.. so there's no real answer to that. coral's will fight for space they can, and do kill each other..I think if I...
  8. meshman10

    white thing growing in my xenia???

    sponge, I didn't think you could hurt xenia..JK:Buds:
  9. meshman10

    suggestions plz!!

    on high flow high light coral's ( no shroom's plz got enough) thinking galaxy maybe??
  10. meshman10

    Foxface issue

    could be the ICH monster, could you post a pic??
  11. meshman10

    Mandrin fishy

    got mine about a week ago and it's a hugh sucker, like 2" long. got him while they were still aclimating him to there water and he's eating frozen already. I have to feed the other fish first and then squirt some in his direction on the bottom and he gobble's them right, yea you gotta...
  12. meshman10

    Bitten off more than I can chew

    well I gotta think the DC has there fact's straight...
  13. meshman10

    Bitten off more than I can chew

    on the contrarry! pistol's are only reef safe when they are small. when they get bigger witch they will, thet have the potential to crack glass with that claw, in fact I resently watched a show on them on Discovery Channel and that's how they kill there prey (mainly crustation's). that claw is...
  14. meshman10

    clownfish acting strange

    AWWWW!!! he's just clowning around...
  15. meshman10

    Growth on rock

    you got a reefspongerockypants...
  16. meshman10

    BFFs Death Pact

    just because there is no bullying going when yer watching for it doesn't meen it isn't happening, I know my fish do act a little different when either me or my wife are staring at the tank or anyone for that fact of the matter.. let me give ya an example for the longest time I couldn't keep the...
  17. meshman10


    yea, same here. I feed mine a chocolate star like everyother week,plus he got rid of my asterina star problem. very cool..:Buds:
  18. meshman10

    BFFs Death Pact

    got kinda of stupid question but, how big are the tank mate's compared to the fish you added?? and some food for thought, I watched my tomato clown kill a firefish in 4 minute's, needless to say he got replaced with a mated pair on maroon's but damage done...
  19. meshman10

    LTA Question

    what are you running as far as lighting??
  20. meshman10

    A Quick Lighting Question

    now see, that why I built my stand with the dimension's I did, I can still upgrade to 110 (deeper and wider not longer) and not get over a 48" light..when ya cross the length barrier the cost of light's goes from I can swing it, to saveing for a vacation,,