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  1. Marines_Wife

    POTM June 2014 Winner

    Thank you guys!
  2. Marines_Wife

    white slime

  3. Marines_Wife

    white slime

    I may be way wrong here, but I always touch things in my tank to understand what I am dealing with. Algae has a certain feel to it just like sponge and bacteria do.
  4. Marines_Wife

    RODI System..what do you recommend?

    thanks all. I cant do the water runs anymore!! Way to expensive. At $10/week I have spent at least 1500 bucks in water. What a RODI system that would have bought.
  5. Marines_Wife

    RODI System..what do you recommend?

    I dont know if I trust your judgement. You never text anymore.
  6. Marines_Wife

    RODI System..what do you recommend?

    I am finally sinking some money into a RODI system. I am just tired of going and getting water, and although I also need a new protein skimmer, this irritates me more. So what do you recommend?
  7. Marines_Wife

    Long time no see.....

    that was funny lol
  8. Marines_Wife

    Anemone split? Good or Bad?

    I know its a good thing, although I thought I had also read that sometimes they split so if one is sick one can survive? It doesnt look AT ALL sick, just random info there
  9. Marines_Wife

    is this site only for the USA

    No there are people from all over here, but from my understanding anything ".com" is USA isnt it??
  10. Marines_Wife

    New Maxima clam

    oh dear. You were waiting to use that one werent you
  11. Marines_Wife

    Sudden death.

    its a beautiful tank but that didnt answer the water parameter question. Also even if your levels are fine sometimes fish just die. Not really a reason for it they just do
  12. Marines_Wife

    Need Help ASAP

    they look like copepods. A normal and healthy part of a tank, plus natural food for the fish
  13. Marines_Wife

    very stressed naso

    Its not about garlic saving a fish. Any person who has had a tank for a period of time is going to run into fish that are sick or have an issue whatever they may be. Garlic can also help with ich. I think you're going to be the odd man out saying garlic doesnt help, but then I actually would...
  14. Marines_Wife

    very stressed naso

    Interesting. I'll tell my tang that next time I am having issues. Its the weirdest thing, when she was sick I gave her garlic like my reefer friend suggested and VOILA turn around was amazing. But you know best. Apparently.
  15. Marines_Wife

    very stressed naso

    Have you tried getting some garlic and mixing the mysis or the algae sheets in it? It helps sometimes. How long have you had him?
  16. Marines_Wife

    Does bubble algae ever fully go away

    ehhhhhh I went through 3 emerald crabs. None of them would touch it.
  17. Marines_Wife

    very stressed naso

    ok so this fish isnt eating? Is there any sign of ich or any other film on the body that would make you think something is bothering it? Also you have this fish in your 150 right?
  18. Marines_Wife

    very stressed naso

    have you added anything new to the tank?
  19. Marines_Wife

    June POTM - Pairs

    I would disagree because they do have a symbiotic relationship. The nem may not move to seek the fish out but the fish do carry food to the nem. But if they dont want it then get rid of it. Its a picture.....
  20. Marines_Wife

    POTM May 2014 Winner

    Love it!!!