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  1. bjohanson1234

    Long time no sea....

    Well, I have a 75 gallon tank sitting in my garage waiting on the basement remodel that is going on 2 years to complete to get installed. But life has gotten in the way as usual
  2. bjohanson1234

    Cleaning an old tank

    Vinegar also dissolves the calcium deposits on the glass. Also doesn't hurt to splash on some full strength vinegar on the stubborn spots.
  3. bjohanson1234

    Alright. What's this?

    Thats what he said...:D
  4. bjohanson1234

    Alright. What's this?

    Did you poke it?
  5. bjohanson1234

    Incredibly high nitrates!? With no Ill results??

    Another thing you might want to consider is the lighting you are reading the test under. It is sometimes difficult to tell the range of colors apart.
  6. bjohanson1234

    Incredibly high nitrates!? With no Ill results??

    Nitrates are not as toxic as ammonia and nitrites. Fish and corals can tolerate higher nitrates than ideal. I am kind of surprised that you don't have any algae. Which leads me to believe that your test kit might be bad. Do you have access to another one? Or take a sample to the LFS to...
  7. bjohanson1234

    So I recieved a frag pack online, and nothing is labeled ..........

    I would let the new additions settle in before you start fragging them.
  8. bjohanson1234

    can i make my 40 Gallon rimless?

    Usually, they don't include fancier tanks in that sale. So the rimless probably won't be at that price.
  9. bjohanson1234

    Please help me identify

    Damn The Others!!!!!!
  10. bjohanson1234


    PM sent Sean.
  11. bjohanson1234

    Help me Decide

    I have the MP-10 in my 29 gallon tank. Love it and how many settings it has.
  12. bjohanson1234


    Wish you were closer to the CHicago area!!!! I have a huge frogspawn that I could break a few heads off.
  13. bjohanson1234

    Living Reefs Action Plan!

    Welcome back Ted!!!!!
  14. bjohanson1234

    Living Reefs Action Plan!

    I know that I have been busy with life. New baby in Feb, then new job in May. Try stopping in when I can, but it is hard sometimes.
  15. bjohanson1234

    refugium size

    WHo doesn't like a tease?
  16. bjohanson1234

    refugium size

    Then why'd you say you would...:(
  17. bjohanson1234

    refugium size

    Pics or it didn't happen:D
  18. bjohanson1234

    Wtf is this ?????

    Not always 100% effective...
  19. bjohanson1234

    Instant Ocean Sea Salt & Reef Crystals Salt Mix, made where??????

    Have you tried emailing them?