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  1. mono19

    Another Jebao Group Buy (WP & DC Pumps)

    I love you more then fat kids love chocolate cake... I have a 90 gallon, would a wp25 or a wp40 be best?
  2. mono19

    Another Jebao Group Buy (WP & DC Pumps)

    Ugh I wish I knew about this. I've been trying to get in on a buy!
  3. mono19

    Lighting Suggestions

    I upgraded my 55 to a 90 over the weekend an am in need of some new lighting. The lighting on my 55 doesn't quite fit over the new 90 obviously and I had to remove the halides that were in the hood because they push the tank over the 84 degree limit. Right now all I have is a couple LED strips...
  4. mono19

    Trusting a LFS

    I'm sure we all have had some pretty bad experiences with some of our local fish stores. I know I have. I have 3 stores within walking distance of my home and it amazes me the battles that go on between the 3. Well I should say the one going after the other two. I just don't get it. I know...
  5. mono19

    Clam question

    Hey thanks! I hope it works out too. It's my favorite of the two that I have. We shall see how it goes.
  6. mono19

    Clam question

    Thanks Nick, I'll have my wife check it when she gets home from work. The clam was opening and the slit looked fine when I moved it so hopefully when the lights come on it will be ok. Most of the foot was attached to a piece of rock, but there was also a bit attached to a Turbo Snail shell. So...
  7. mono19

    Clam question

    Can a clam harm a tank of it dies? Does it need to be removed?
  8. mono19

    Melon vs. Leopard

    I have found Wrasses to be pretty interesting when you introduce them. I have a Clown Fairy, Blue Fairy, Yellow Coris, Christmas Wrasse, a Red Tail Flasher and a Mystery Wrasse all in my tank. From what I've seen and heard from others on the forum is that similar shaped and size wrasses will...
  9. mono19

    Looking into a Par38 Bulb

    I have a 12 gallon AIO Cube that I picked up. No lid and the light it comes with is enough to grow only Zoa's and Mushrooms. The wife would like to be able to grow more light needy corals. I typed Par38 into google and got about a billion different types. Ranging from 60-and up. I was curios to...
  10. mono19

    MP40, MP10 and WMX module

    Cool let me know.
  11. mono19

    MP40, MP10 and WMX module

    Oh well I do have the Apex Jr. would it work with that? Let me see how my funds are with getting paid tomorrow and paying bills, if you haven't sold it in the next day or so I will pick up both for sure.
  12. mono19

    MP40, MP10 and WMX module

    How much would you take for the mp10? I'm not familiar with the WMX Module. What does it do?
  13. mono19

    93g cube of AWESOME!

    Glad to see that the tank is doing so well! It's kinda funny how many of the same things that have happened to you have also happened to my tank as well. I had a monti that bleached because it was being nipped by a Sailfin and a Coral Beauty, so I got rid of those and after 4 months of nothing...
  14. mono19

    my blenny bites

    My Blenny comes in for a sneak attack all the time. Come swimming up, bites me than swims away. My Tonazo Wrasse and Clown Fairy Wrasse come up to me during feeding time and let me pet them and swim around my's pretty funny.
  15. mono19

    d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

    Wow that tank is amazing! That Wrasse that you have that you didn't know the name of is a Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse..I have one in mine. Love them!
  16. mono19

    Sad Article, lets do our part!

    Protection sought for orange clownfish, of 'Finding Nemo' fame Just got done reading this and it makes me sad...I believe in getting captive bread fish as often as i can to help out with this kinda problem and I wish there was more I could do to save the reefs so things like this can be helped...
  17. mono19

    93g cube of AWESOME!

    Hey Beeguiles! I went through and read every post here about the wrasses and your issues! I'm so sorry to see that you have had some many problems and it's awesome to see that you are keeping at it! I have a couple suggestions that might help with a couple of your issues though. I have had 2...
  18. mono19

    Zoa Sell-a-Thon

    Cool I will probably prefer the 2 day option, a little cheaper. and yeah 2 heads on all but the one. Could you get me a total when you get a chance? Thank you.
  19. mono19

    Black & White Clownfish

    I would totally add another one! I have a black and white and a regular orange and white clown in my tank and they are so fun to watch together. If you take care of them well, the blacks colors stick out so much. They really are cool. I took a leap of faith with my to wrasses. I have a yellow...
  20. mono19

    Zoa Sell-a-Thon

    Hey Fastrd400 I haven't heard anything on how I pay and stuff like that...Maybe I just missed it..but what do I do?