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  1. DAvis

    Changing from Reef to Fresh Water

    Sorry to hear of your problems and frustrations. I keep both fresh and reef tanks. I too wanted to do Discus, but... keeping Discus is one of the most challenging of all aquaria. It is an incredibly high maintenance species. Pristine quality essential, some even do daily, yes daily water...
  2. DAvis

    API Reef Master Kit

    You can get your lost color cards here! Difficult color card, I find the '0' and '0.5' ppm colors very similar! Good luck! Downloads; Pump and filter Instructions, Test Kit charts
  3. DAvis

    Very sad day.

    Did you check the overflow, sump and filter sock? I know you said you looked everywhere, just checking... Sorry for your troubles...
  4. DAvis

    Staghorn coral concern...

    You are right, little, it's a Seriatopora caliendrum. For the time being, I did an Iodine dip (Coral Medic, Brightwell, Aq). I will monitor closely and frag if (when) necessary. It hasn't changed in 4 days, and I honestly don't know when it started. I only saw it 4 days ago. Will keep you...
  5. DAvis

    What a Clown!

    Hah! No not a dentist! I have to admit, she looked damned hilarious looking up form the middle if the 4" sock! I should tell the clowns to stop hosting the overflow box...
  6. DAvis

    What a Clown!

    Talk about perfect timing or just dumb luck. The other night, it was very late and I had to go to bed. The dog's looks said otherwise and I let them out. As I walked back in the the dining room, I heard a little change in the normal tank sound. Curious, I of course checked it out. I opened...
  7. DAvis

    Staghorn coral concern...

    Forgot to mention... Tank parameters are fairly normal: pH 8.2 NO4 < 5.0 PO4 < 0.25 Ca 480 Mg 1400 BUT.... my alkalinity was low, around 6 dKH, and I raised to 9 dKH with baking soda over the course of a week. Any thoughts on this? A little worried, it's a beautiful little piece!
  8. DAvis

    Staghorn coral concern...

    Here it is 4 months later.... It has grown nicely and the polyps are fully extended. Then I noticed the bleached basal stalk, devoid of any polyps! What is happening? I handled it once to recement about 2 months ago. Did I do this much damage, or is something else going on. I don't see any...
  9. DAvis

    Staghorn coral concern...

    Hey all, I bought this staghorn frag at our local frag sale in Syracuse (, Yay! shameless plug!). Here's a picture back in December, about 1 month after purchase. Looks great!
  10. DAvis

    Progress on Red Turf Algae

    Woohoo sen! You fought battle after battle and won the WAR! I would wish this on no one! I think it was one of the lesser known plagues (# 11 '...and thou shalt be smote by red turf algae... so it is written, so it shall be done!')
  11. DAvis

    Sump filter losing water

    +1 to all! I live in the Northeast. Dry in the house, with forced air furnace and wood stove heating the joint. As a result, I lose almost 1 gallon per day in an 85 gallon system (65 dt and 20 sump). It's amazing how fast it happens! In the summer it's a little less. RODI only to top!
  12. DAvis

    DI Cartridge went bad after 3 months?

    The problem was my TDS meter. When I thought it was reading "5", it was actually over 100ppm!!! This was confirmed by another tds meter. My RO membrane had apparently been bad for quite sometime, and because of the bad meter, I didn't detect it. I had a horrible bloom of hair algae, that I...
  13. DAvis

    What is your TDS threshold for changing filters?

    Actually, I've had (unfortunately) recent resolution to my TDS problems. I have found out by testing my TDS meter along with another, that my meter was so far out of whack that I was adding 100ppm to my tank for months! Apparently my membrane was bad, but I did not detect any problems because...
  14. DAvis

    Feeding Tangs

    I know some people feed pea's lettuce, etc but.... Would a Whitetail Bristletooth Tang ever come in contact with any of these greens in the wild? We work so hard at giving the fish the best possible environment to mimic their home. So why would we want to change their main staple? I would...
  15. DAvis

    enticing tangs to eat

    Awesome! Good job parrot!
  16. DAvis

    Cycling...why is my water cloudy?

    Hi Joel, I'm not sure what order you did things, but in starting a tank, it's good to start with washing the sand. This gets a lot of the fine dusty silt out. I put mine in a 5 gallon pail and filled up and stirred around, then decant off the murky water. I repeat this until fairly clear...
  17. DAvis

    enticing tangs to eat

    My hippo sometime rips the seaweed (nori) out of my hands before I can clip it! But in the beginning, I would soak it in garlic (gvh) and he was cautious. In a few days, he got over his 'fear of clips' and would immediately attack. Perhaps, the tomini is not fond of the aggressive chowing of...
  18. DAvis

    Schooling Bannerfish?

    Even the schooling bannerfish, I've read, can nip at soft corals, LPS and other inverts if they get hungry. Recommended to feed 2x a day, to thwart snacking on other things. So, it's a chance but...
  19. DAvis


    Hi Bazza. Well that is a different story, wasn't evident in the post.
  20. DAvis


    Difficult fish or not, I think everyone missed the fact that the tank has just cycled just over a month butthere have been fish in there for the last 3 weeks. Bazza, I'm sorry about your loss, but your tank is so young, and adding multiple fish after the first month is a little fast...