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  1. tizapolgar

    one more quick ID please?

    Yep, I think that my clowns have chased out a couple of gobies - even when covered with that plastic grate stuff! But, I've had a scooter blenny for a month or so now, and he hasn't taken up carpet surfing yet.
  2. tizapolgar


    Not only that, if you tear it into two pieces (or use scissors), they'll both grow...and keep growing...and keep growing...and keep growing. Be sure to keep it on the sand :mrgreen:
  3. tizapolgar

    25 gallon tank?

    I love my 25. I think it's one of the "perfect" sizes: small enough to be big, but still small enough to be small. I might get yelled at for this, but I've never thought that smaller tanks are any more work than much larger tanks. If anything, a 90 or 120 will be more work, and more to...
  4. tizapolgar

    LED lighting???

    I have two of the current LED strips on my 25 (the actinic blues). That's a total of 8 one watt LEDs, and it makes a noticible difference in my tank. I love them, but I'd be skeptical of the maybe it would look a little funny (just a personal opinion), and 2: what Yote said...
  5. tizapolgar

    WTH are these?

    I didn't see them at first, either. They're hard to notice if you don't know what you're looking for...then impossible to miss once you recognize them. Evil little buggers, from what I understand.
  6. tizapolgar

    Diet of the Coral Banded Shrimp

    All of the above, ESPECIALLY if you rescue him/her from a tank that was never fed for about six months. They get starving kitten syndrome...we have one in a ten gallon that is VERY well fed by us, but he STILL goes after the one poor chromis we have with him, snails, occasionally a small...
  7. tizapolgar


    Mmm...if you ever want some really tasty beer, try a home brew! My oatmeal stout could make a nun slap her mama. If you're ever in the neighborhood...
  8. tizapolgar

    My tank

    Yep, that sounds like a bristleworm to me.
  9. tizapolgar

    Biffy Finally Gets a Build Thread!

    ...and I remember thinking it was a long read back at 25 pages...
  10. tizapolgar

    Lots of calcium but no Coraline!

    I've always run at least one actinic, even when I didn't have hardly any light. I ran blue, I have tons of coralline. Correlation does not equal causation, but you should probably be running that actinic for the full cycle, anyway, to get the benefit to the blue end of the spectrum (good for...
  11. tizapolgar

    Is bubble algae ever purple?

    Yup. I just had a bout with purple bubble algae. I couldn't get rid og them with my fingers or tweezers without breaking them, so I gave in and got two emerald crabs (even though crabs give me the heebee-geebies when it comes to corals). I shite you not, all of the purple bubbles were gone...
  12. tizapolgar

    colony poply

    They "fold over" sometimes, especially when they catch a small piece of something they want to eat. Try feeding them mysis to watch. They look very healthy, just like mine (but mine are greenish).
  13. tizapolgar

    Timmy's 25

    Thanks for the help! It sounds like I'm on the right track with this guy then, other than sheepishly admitting that my tank is too small for him. But really, aren't ALL of our tanks, regardless of the size, too small for ANYTHING?? It ain't like we can remake the ocean :)
  14. tizapolgar

    Timmy's 25

    I'm going with LTA, then. Any advice as for its care? Its foot is anchored to the bottom of the tank through five inches of DSB, it always fully inflates during the day and usually stays partially inflated at night. It eats when I give it little bits of doesn't seem to be...
  15. tizapolgar

    Timmy's 25

    Thanks everyone, for the compliments! The coralline - I have no idea why it grows. I've never added purple up or anything. In all of the SW tanks in our (we have three. Tanks, not apartments.) it just grows like crazy. Same with the zoanthids - they just like me I...
  16. tizapolgar

    Timmy's 25

    Ha! Actually, it's a magic fungia skeleton covered in star polyps. They flap, and the skeleton floats... ...but not really :) Thanks for the compliment, both of you! What's funny is that the "after" pictures look like they have less intense lighting than the "before" pictures, but...
  17. tizapolgar

    Timmy's 25

    I feel like I should contribute to the picture madness...especially since my wife just got me some new Current LEDs, which are very awesome. Before, I had a ^%W Coralife PC fixture and a 48W Current T5 with one 10k and one 460nm actinic. Now, I have a 96W Current T5 fixture with 2 10k and 2...
  18. tizapolgar


    I did some downloading. I'm going to listen to it at work tomorrow...excited :)
  19. tizapolgar

    Top offs with Bottle Water

    Purified or RO bottled water is okay, BUT... ...stay away from SPRING water. I've tested several bottled/spring/purified waters for nitrates and phosphates. Everything I've tried, including waters from municipal sources, are okay and test 0 on nitrates. However, SPRING water, usually from...
  20. tizapolgar

    Biffy Finally Gets a Build Thread!

    You know, I hadn't considered the tang factor... For a fish with no scales, or if fins are spiny or something (I have no experience with tangs...) the cheesecloth may not be a good idea. could also use visquine (trash bag material), and let water flow out into a bucket/tub as...