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  1. austingunkel

    corals not happy

    Will do
  2. austingunkel

    corals not happy

    It's a huge piece of lr and the corals are attached but I maam ser where the Ben's is irritating them and they are losing color and look well like crap. I could break the rock but I don't want to hurt my nem's foot. This thing is just a pain all my gsp and like 3 other coals are getting stung.
  3. austingunkel

    corals not happy

    So my condy nem has made itself at home on a rock in the middle of a bunch of my corals. I have tried a bunch of stuff to move him but no joy. I have moved the rock to give nem less light. Hung him upside down he just loves pissing off my corals. Any help is appreciated.
  4. austingunkel

    Thinking about getting a Maroon Clownfish.

    My maroon does great with my blenny and lion he will go after my hand if I got too close to his nem but he is an awesome fish very active
  5. austingunkel

    sixline wrasse

    I will let you know if anything happens
  6. austingunkel

    My anemone sucked on the pump but i quickly switch off the pump

    Take it out before it bombs your tank
  7. austingunkel

    sixline wrasse

    I have a cb shrimp with my dwarf lion everyone says I'm crazy for putting then together but they do just fine together no problems
  8. austingunkel

    Need more lighting!

    You could add led strips most interlock and you could attach them to your hood
  9. austingunkel

    New small picasso fish? Help?

    Wow this is bad
  10. austingunkel

    Condy Anemone Eating Itself?

    They do lots of things that scare you when you first get to know them.
  11. austingunkel

    Feather duster out of tube

    i have heard they can make a new tube in a very short period of time
  12. austingunkel

    compatible or not hippo, clown, cleaner shrimp, and trigger

    I have a 37 and you also need to remember it is a tall tank that doesn't have a lot of side to side room for fish to swim.
  13. austingunkel

    maroon clown hosting

    my little guy decided to host in my condy nem. i wasnt expecting this but its pretty awesome!
  14. austingunkel

    New Little red emerald crab

    They get mean when they get big
  15. austingunkel

    whats the best hob skimmer i can get for my budget?

    The CPR bakpak is a good line of skimmers also
  16. austingunkel


    I have a spotfin in my tank with a CBS and maroon clown all is good and as far as I know lions go very well together
  17. austingunkel

    is there anything that eats nudibranches?

    I know for fw I put a cucumber in the substrate and the snails all gather on it and you can remove them might be worth a shot
  18. austingunkel

    Clean up crew

    And no fish store water in your tank ever
  19. austingunkel

    found a hitch hiker

    My gsp is spreading like crazy already
  20. austingunkel


    It freaked me out the first time I saw it I thought it was dying