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    Rufftimes 90g build

    Yup, meant gbta lol
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    Rufftimes 90g build

    This is my new build after being out of the hobby for about four years! A lot has changed, particularly the advances made in LED lighting. It didn't take me long to get sucked back in, and luckily I have a better half who has ended up being more addicted than I am!The tank is your standard 90g...
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    May POTM - Full tank shots

    Now I know how an identity thief must feel
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    May POTM - Full tank shots

    Here's an old one, seeing as my tank hasn't been delivered yet. Man I miss that tank.....
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    Lighting a 90

    Sorry all, to avoid the confusion, I am Melonbob. I created a new account because I couldn't change my username, and it doesn't fit me anymore! LOL
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    Lighting a 90

    Really, I don't feel 750 is a bad price to pay, it was less than 5 years ago I paid 2 grand for a t5 fixture......
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    Lighting a 90

    I'm still torn.......maybe the Kessils
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    A reintoduction of sorts....

    I've been on these boards for quite some time, under the username Melonbob. Unfortunately the name no longer fits with me today. I talked to the mods, and I am unable to change it, so I'm back as Rufftimes! lol Anyways, I'm in the process of getting back into the hobby. I have a 14g biocube...