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  1. pheasant29

    39w ati purple plus t5 bulbs

    I sure will. They are not doing me a bit of good.10 bucks and shipping they are yours.
  2. pheasant29

    Voting for April POTM!

    Little fish gets my vote! Very nice! Dana awesome as always.
  3. pheasant29


    I wont voice my opinion of them here at this moment.They also were short something on my order. They initialy gave me store credit but when i called they refunded my paypal account in about 2 hrs.
  4. pheasant29

    Voting for March POTM

    texasreefer got my vote
  5. pheasant29

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    very cool, nice to meet you.
  6. pheasant29

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Hello, What part of Iowa are you in. I live in Atlantic (sw) myself.
  7. pheasant29

    39w ati purple plus t5 bulbs

    Well I have access to ups shipping here at work.$10 will ship them to your door. As far as how cheap? Do you have any thing to trade?
  8. pheasant29

    39w ati purple plus t5 bulbs

    These are still available. If you need them you can have them cheap!!!!!
  9. pheasant29

    So Sad

    Lobster!! one of my fish stores has a big beautiful one, but he wont sell it. He says its a fish eater!! Any bottom dwelling fish will get attacked.
  10. pheasant29

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Nice looking couple! Thanks for a wonderful site.
  11. pheasant29

    Our Gordon Lightfoot Crab!

    Love the name and the crab. Be carefull the can be trouble!
  12. pheasant29

    Purple Hornet Zoas

    ljensen, Where in Iowa are you located? I live in Atlantic(sw side of the state).
  13. pheasant29

    Hydrometer sucks! Scary Salt Level

    I have a hydrometer that is 15 years old!:shock: The thing works like a charm! I got worried about it about six months ago and bought a refractometer, I calibrated it and tested it against my hydrometer, with exact same results on both. I love my hydrometer but keep the refractometer just to be...
  14. pheasant29

    Box of Salt?

    My box had 4 different bags of salt in it. Yes if you already have a bucket save it to reuse with the box of salt.
  15. pheasant29

    Clowns Hosting Toadstool!!!

    That's some great extension on that toad stool. nice pics.
  16. pheasant29

    Dr. Tims One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria

    There are products that work fine. I used Bio-spira (i think) from instant ocean when i set mine up.I added it along with 2 damsels( I know I know but i didn,t then) Tested daily for three weeks and nothing of a cycle what so ever. Then i got a shipment of live rock and added it to the tank...
  17. pheasant29

    Reefgeek DOES IT AGAIN!!

    Ya, they were great to work with.I'll put my wife on the pics tonight!
  18. pheasant29

    Reefgeek DOES IT AGAIN!!

    My bulbs were a year old. So i called them up to see what they recommended. I ordered what they recommended. 3 days later!! My tank is popping with color!!:bounce: Thanks guys you were awesome!
  19. pheasant29

    Name of Fish

    Thanks for the help.Ya LA SAYS 30gl. That's why i was thinking 28 nano.I only have 55 now.
  20. pheasant29

    Name of Fish

    Ya i was just kidding! How about that Potters? I would love a nano with Potters in it.