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  1. pokerfish

    Advice on sliding a full tank

    They make a furniture coaster called "moving men". If you drain out just a few inches and either lift, or jack, up just enough to slide one of these under each leg you will be able to move your tank on tile with ease in the future...could be helpful if you ever want to get at back of the tank...
  2. pokerfish

    buying, any thoughts??

    Good advice on the copper...Awesome tank! You must be excited, I would be...Good Luck with it! :^:
  3. pokerfish

    too salty or just right?

    I think its more a matter of keeping it's fine within a range as long as it's stable, someone correct me if I'm wrong (according to my wife, I'm wrong alot! )
  4. pokerfish


    I stick up for people who stick up for animals.You were right to ban him, don't trouble yourself over it.Thanks for doing a great service for all of us...
  5. pokerfish

    New to salt water aquariums

    Welcome to the site...just a suggestion, but you can hang on to the cannister filter and you can use it for emergency by running carbon, or just for a good water polish once in a while...just be sure to clean it after use. I got rid of mine and wish I kept it for that reason. Otherwise, lotsa...
  6. pokerfish


    Actually, I don't get what your saying.Maybe it's the disregard for punctuation, but your point is lost on me. Are you saying that because people crowd Tangs into tanks that are too small, that you are somehow justified in jamming a similar wild fish into your little prison? Listen, I don't have...
  7. pokerfish


    Are we talking about the fish? hmmmmmm I think I know where the hostility is coming from.
  8. pokerfish


    your breath is bad too! Theres your second opinion......that's for calling, the clearly intelligent, littlefish a dumbass.She is just sticking up for animals who don't have a voice.
  9. pokerfish


    Welcome to the can do some awesome things with a small tank, and you found the right place to learn...I think some corals are easier than keeping fish, all you need is live rock, the right light, good flow and a decent protien skimmer...just ask questions, the folks here are...
  10. pokerfish

    HOB Skimmer Question

    Glad you laughed...I shouldn't drink and post... maybe after your skimmer breaks in you won't need the tape. I could use it for my mouth ...
  11. pokerfish

    HOB Skimmer Question

    I have the SS model as well, and wish I could help figure this out for you. The water level on the return side is way too high, it should be just tumbling over the plexi partition in the chamber. Your sucking in too much water...either your air tube is blocked , or your return is somehow...
  12. pokerfish

    lobster molt

    Fold it a pair of underwear while boyfriend / husband / other... is in shower, set up a video camera,enjoy the magical moment on film...
  13. pokerfish

    A brand new salty mommy here!

    Welcome aboard, this site is a phenominal learning tool...these guys know their stuff and are very helpful and patient. I found that using the search tab saved me from asking lots of stuff that has been brought up in the past...just my :twocents: Good luck! Hope your experience is as good as...
  14. pokerfish

    These have to be the luckiest fish ever

    Im working on a earthquake simulator, but I keep breaking the glass and ruining my floors.....and yes I'm kidding L:mrgreen:L Cool set up...
  15. pokerfish

    First Corals!!

    Buzz Killington :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Congats on the corals, I have heard the same thing about the kenya...but it looks really cool in your tank....
  16. pokerfish

    I'm Sara,i'm new member here

    Welcome to the site, the folks here really know their stuff and are really good about answering questions...theres also a lot of good reading material, I recomend using the search tool for the subject your interested in...welcome and good luck!
  17. pokerfish

    Fish Ideas

    If I go the chromis route I will wait, and test, for a long time before I do anything else as far as fish go. I have no intention of pushing my bioload to the limit, I really like the corals best. Thanks for the great suggestions...I will post my pictures when I do it...
  18. pokerfish

    Fish Ideas

    Thanks again...if I do the 3 Chromis, have my paired Osc clowns, and my I done with stocking? Based on what I have read around the site, I am guessing that I am close to the limit for a 55. Any room for a goby or blenny or wrasse?
  19. pokerfish

    Fish Ideas

    HA HA HA.....very funny, a lot of guys I grew up with didn't school and behaved the same way...