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  1. felix27

    id help! snail eggs?!?

    very cool, first time i have ever seen them, Thanks!
  2. felix27

    id help! snail eggs?!?

    over the past week i have had about 50 or more of these little white things pop up on my glass, any idea what they hell they are? good, bad ? Thanks guys!
  3. felix27

    ggNoRe's 29g Biocube HQI

    looks like a great way to start, best of luck to you!
  4. felix27

    Q-tip sponge???

    Q-tip sponge right? and these guys are a good thing?
  5. felix27

    February POTM Entries!

  6. felix27

    February POTM Voting

    Re: February POTM Entries!
  7. felix27

    Shoot your Urchin!

    Wow, just Wow....... amazing shot :shock:
  8. felix27

    Some Non-Fish Pics

    nice pics, very cool!
  9. felix27

    New Pals!

    here is scooter the mandarian and Chum the goby, enjoy!
  10. felix27

    Shoot your Urchin!

  11. felix27

    Study of an Urchin

    they are very cool to watch, awesome pics dennis
  12. felix27

    Yellow Tang Looking Sick

    brightwells vitamarin C is a great product, id also suggest their AminoOmega to supplement in some marine cuisine, i used those to fight off HLLE and had awesome results, been using them ever since
  13. felix27

    PotM One Week Showdown

    im on vacation right now so ill try that when i get back, im still amazed how clear it came out with the 18-55mm lense that came with the camera, cant wait to pick up a macro lense and see what this thing can do :bounce:
  14. felix27

    PotM One Week Showdown

    finally picked up a dslr, hows this?
  15. felix27

    January POTM Voting

    Re: PotM One Week Showdown finally picked up a dslr, hows this?
  16. felix27

    broken thermometer need help!?!

    Good to know because some stuck to the mag float, i went back in with my garage magnet for picking up lost bolts and im pretty sure i got them out, luckily they were isolated to a few square inches, i think it will be ok, ill keep you guys posted, thanks for the quick responses!
  17. felix27

    broken thermometer need help!?!

    lead is what i was thinking, im guessing the suction cup came loose and it floated over and the lead caused it to slam into my mag float and break....
  18. felix27

    broken thermometer need help!?!

    just pulled this out of my tank, luckily the mercury didnt break open but the small balls that make the device float came out, got most of them out of the tank but im sure i missed some, any ideas on what they are made of?? do i need to worry about a few being in there? any help would be great...
  19. felix27

    EcoTech Marine (Vortech)

    good to know, iv been thinking about buying one in the near future
  20. felix27

    Long spined urchin

    i have 2 in my tank and there are no issues, my tank is a 58gal. and i could probably get away with a couple more, i am stocked pretty heavy on fish for my size tank though so......