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  1. joeman

    green star polyps?

    Mine does occasionally - for a day, maybe two, then comes right back. I think it is when something has crawled across it or maybe even attacked it - even if only in one small area, the whole thing will go into hiding. I have sometimes seen an Asterina star leaving the mat as it all closes up -...
  2. joeman

    Stag's 125 build

    hmm - I may have just violated copyright... so let's also make this a plug for 'Practical Fishkeeping' an outstanding uk based magazine for both the fresh and saltwater hobbyist:bounce:
  3. joeman

    Stag's 125 build

    Ok - so here it is: Buyer's guide to marine salt Matt Clarke looks at some of the many commercial salt mixes on the market and checks out their composition in this special buyer's guide. Copyright © Practical Fishkeeping Commercial salt mixes make water similar in composition to natural...
  4. joeman

    WTH are these?

    Sounds like the right steps. After Doc had all his trouble I was reading about them. Apparently it's not necessarily the 'Exit' that causes the trouble in the tank, but the flat worms themsleves: when they die they emit toxic chemicals and this is what does all the damage, so by siphoning them...
  5. joeman

    Stag's 125 build

    This is an interesting review of some of the top mixes: It's old - but brings together some data at the time. (you may need to create an account and sign in to see it - not sure)
  6. joeman

    How many fish die for each sold?

    Which article are you referring to? Do you have a link?
  7. joeman

    New Coral Shipment Available!!!

    I'll give you $10 for the lot - shipped :-)
  8. joeman

    6.6 gal. Home made

    Cool :-) - nice job.
  9. joeman

    I think my tank killed the power

    Sounds like you had a lucky escape - but also sorry to hear about the zoas after they have needed so much time to grow - then such a short time to go :-(
  10. joeman

    Hello everyone! Yep, I'm a newbie :D

    Wow - thanks both :compute:
  11. joeman


    it came back the same - looked a little diffferent as it was growing
  12. joeman


    From what I understand they periodically drop their 'crown' and grow a new one - mine did... nothing to worry about (unless it doesn't grow back). took a few weeks until it was back to it's full size.
  13. joeman

    A Crab I Need Identified (If

    Here is a good link for ID'ing things - link is direct to shrimps & crabs, keep flicking through the pages: You can go through lobsters to get to more crabs.... I didn't really see an exact match - maybe you have discovered a new species :-)
  14. joeman

    180 tank noise?

    there are a lot of 'it depends' here really. noise can be created by equipment or running water, so it depends what you have, how it is set up and how it is all plumbed... ie: a return pump siting direclty on the bottom of the sump will make more external noise than one on rubber feet because it...
  15. joeman

    Finished Sump...well almost.

    Looking nice! > from what I have read check valves can fail so people tend not to use them - best to make sure that the sump can accommodate the full amount of water coming back from the tank in the event of a disataster (as you did) > skimmer: is that one you have HOB of your main tank? Is...
  16. joeman

    Hello everyone! Yep, I'm a newbie :D

    Just a general comment from my experience: In my first exploration into saltwater I set up a couple of tanks and got addicted to gadgets and equipment. I honestly thought I was pumping money into stuff that would make a great system and provide a wonderful living environment for my creatures...
  17. joeman

    Hello everyone! Yep, I'm a newbie :D

    ok - that makes more sense :-) As previously advised, just let the tank cycle now. The advice to change water is good for the sake of the fish you have. Regarding the crab, I have no idea .. but it's not a hermit (that would be in a shell) and I don't think it is a porcelain either.. maybe...
  18. joeman

    Hello everyone! Yep, I'm a newbie :D

    hmm - so you have about 80 lbs of live rock in your 29g? Wow! How do you get fish in their as well? Also, if you want to start using your skimmer (and anyway) you will want to stop using tap water with conditioner (this is what I assume you are doing from what you said) and using RO or DI...
  19. joeman

    Hibye's 125 predator tank

    I'm not sure what your sump questions are?
  20. joeman

    Hello everyone! Yep, I'm a newbie :D

    Welcome :-) So when you say started, do you mean set up with sand, live-rock?