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  1. Alex

    Water temperature over 100 degrees...

    That's terrible! I hate when heaters malfunction. Hopefully everything will recover just fine :)
  2. Alex

    Alex's 10 Gallon Journal

    Just a few additional photos :)
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  7. Alex

    Alex's 10 Gallon Journal

    So, one of my Red Leg Hermit Crabs recently molted. It sure fooled me, though! At the beginning of this past week, I found a crabs skin/shell. I figured one of the crabs had molted. Though, I watched the aquarium, and day after day I would see the shell of one of the crab's facing a rock...
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  10. Alex

    hey from ga

    Welcome to the forums! I live in Georgia too! 2 hours south of Atlanta, and about 3 from Savannah :)
  11. Alex

    New to the forum, Heres my tank!

    Welcome to the forums! I really like your Clownfish. :)
  12. Alex

    55g support

    First off, welcome to the forum! I feel like the stand should be able to support the aquarium. However, bracing it would be ideal, and would ensure maximum support.
  13. Alex

    Johnny's New-Old 55gal saltwater tank

    It looks like you have a very healthy, and vibrant tank! I especially liked the video of it. :)
  14. Alex

    Beeguiles 10 gallon contest tank

    I really like it! Everything looks so vibrant, and healthy! Can't wait to see more of this tank!
  15. Alex


    Personally, I suggest feeding your fish once daily. As long as you're performing weekly water changes, the water parameters should remain stable. If not, you can increase water changes, or decrease feedings to every other day.
  16. Alex

    Benny the Blenny

    Can't wait to see pictures! :)
  17. Alex

    Would a lobster kill a clown

    As others have said, a Lobster if given the chance, and was hungry enough would possibly do so. Though, because Clownfish are active fish, and seemingly swim at levels in contrast with Lobsters, I think it would be a fine combination. However, it's definitely something you would have to keep an...
  18. Alex

    Picture of the day.

    That's a very nice bike ;P
  19. Alex

    Picture of the day.

    This is my Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Cheeko, the day after I got it. The Blue LED lights on my aquarium, make it look interesting. It was the only picture I took that day. :P
  20. Alex

    Peppermint shrimp

    Hopefully not. :shock: