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  1. Tetra1

    Nano Lighting

    Hi all, its been a while. I am looking for suggestions for LED lighting for my 8 gallon nano tank. I'm looking to grow corals and have one fish. Please help, thanks.
  2. Tetra1

    Mystery Crab ID Please

    Can anyone tell me what type of crab this is? I found him a year ago and at the time he was tiny. He came in on my ulva lettuce. I have since broke down the old aquarium and set up a new one and would like to know if he is friend or foe? Thanks.
  3. Tetra1

    Toadstool Issues

    I really don't know where to start. My toadstool was doing fantastic for about two months then all of a sudden it stopped opening its polyps and has nothing but tiny nubs that won't extend and it goes through small shriveled up looking to big and leaning over. My ricordea are doing awesome which...
  4. Tetra1

    A Bit Of An Emergency

    Thanks for the help, my little guys made it. :)
  5. Tetra1

    A Bit Of An Emergency

    What can I do to keep my amphipods warm in the tank. My electricity is currently out and my heater broke. I am getting a new heater by tomorrow morning, but, I am at a loss here as my water temperature is sitting at about 65 degrees currently. This is my refugium so there are no other fish in...
  6. Tetra1

    New Fluval Spec 5 Nano/Pico Tank

    Hello all, I am wondering what is the best wattage and output to grow corals for a 5 gallon nano/pico tank. I currently have about 7500-15000K LED lighting. What types of corals can I grow with that amount? I am looking to grow a very colorful tank! Any two cents would be helpful.
  7. Tetra1

    Pico Tank

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, I ended up getting a heck of a deal on the Fluval Spec V tank 5.? gallon. The original price was $99.00 and I got it for half price. It apparently was my lucky day. I will be setting it up here soon for my first go at a pico tank. I am very excited as I...
  8. Tetra1

    Pico Tank

    I am interested in setting up a pico tank that will hold mini saltwater fish and small corals. I am looking for a tank within a budget of $20.00-$100.00. I am trying this because I no longer have my 125 gallon or 30 gallon tank and I do not have enough room in my new house for my biocube. Please...
  9. Tetra1

    Live Rock VS. Dry Rock

    I am considering adding Dry Rock this time around for the 29 Gallon Biocube, as I had a horrible time with my last tank with Live Rock. I had so many pests even after wiping the majority of them out. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this, and if I did the Live Rock again, what can I...
  10. Tetra1

    New to Salt Water Fish Tank & new to Forum

    Welcome to the site, this is a great site to meet enthusiasts and to get a lot of help with your new tank. Good luck with it!!
  11. Tetra1

    New Tanks

    Hey all, it has been a long while since I was last on here. Jut wanted to say hi and to let you all know that I have downsized my tanks as I am moving. I will be resetting up the tanks when I get to my new place. I am looking at ideas on which type of livestock I should now go with, I need a...
  12. Tetra1

    Dead Dragon Goby

    I have a maroon clownfish and a starry blenny. They never harassed him. Nothing has changed. My water parameters are fine. I have recently had an outbreak of apistasia and majano, that is all that has changed.
  13. Tetra1

    What type of starfish to get?

    I am wanting a starfish for my 75 gallon set up what type should I get? All suggestions are welcome. :twocents:
  14. Tetra1

    Would this be overcrowded?

    I think you should stick with just three fish. If you were to get another I like the diamond gobies they are great sand sifters!!
  15. Tetra1

    Dead Dragon Goby

    I have no idea what happened? He looked great and healthy last week, today he was skinny and pale on his back. All other fish look great. Oh well, I guess that's one more addition to my new 75 gallon set up. :frustrat: :death:
  16. Tetra1

    Clownfish Pregnant?

    We are probably gonna try and raise them after while. I want them to have the best chance of making it, so I am going to get everything set up first for it. I'll keep you posted! :sfish::bounce::^::Cheers::mrgreen::shock::D
  17. Tetra1

    Clownfish Pregnant?

    My clownfish have laid eggs again!
  18. Tetra1

    mini maxi anemones

    I have had several rounds of apistasia and majano's even after the Apistasia X was put in my tank. As for the debris in there I am not sure what happened. I have plenty of flow in my tank, so that's not the problem. As for the rocks between the debris and the bristle worms and fire worms it...
  19. Tetra1

    mini maxi anemones

    What is the best way to handle these guys in order to transfer them to their new tank. Also Also, I need to clean my live rock from debris and apistasia and majanos. Help me out. Thanks.
  20. Tetra1

    Saltwater Plant Light

    Anyone have any idea where I can get a decent saltwater plant grow light? If you do please let me know, thanks. :twocents: