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  1. Shep

    Desperate for Corals, and advice!

    Looks kind of like a haitian reef anemone and zoas are a really good choice. Easy to care for and add a lot of color to the tank.
  2. Shep

    September POTM - Predators

    Geez, with so many entries it will be hard to pick the winner lol
  3. Shep

    Best Refugium for breeding Pods

    Yea I plan on it, been screwed over by LFS before. He said that they keep the fish in quarantine for three weeks and they buy the fish from living color....who apparently have a fish show on nat geo.
  4. Shep

    Best Coral Glue?

    Hey all, Simple question, best glue for attaching corals to your rock.
  5. Shep

    Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

    Cool! still a long way to go for mine
  6. Shep

    Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

    I can't wait until I can start propagating my corals.
  7. Shep

    Best Refugium for breeding Pods

    Talked to my LFS about the fish that I was going to breed the pods for and the shop gets captive bred ones that are already trained on frozen foods so I won't really need them as a main food source.
  8. Shep

    September POTM - Predators

    Stalking its prey
  9. Shep

    Experiences with....

    I got the reef saver rock from BRS and loved it and have only heard great things about the pukatani rock as well.
  10. Shep

    Best Refugium for breeding Pods

    What do you think I should use as a substrate?
  11. Shep

    Best Refugium for breeding Pods

    Mine is going to be a HoB so it just overflows into my tank, there is no return pump that will murder thier faces off. Would I need anykind of algae tumbler?
  12. Shep

    Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

    I like them and have been thinking of adding a brain coral and maybe an Acropora.
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  19. Shep

    Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

    I know is been awhile but I figured I would post an update on the tank. I have a refugium coming in on Wednesday that I am setting up and I have added a plate coral and a ricordia coral. Sadly I lost a large number of my zoas but they seem to be making a comeback and my teacup is thriving so...
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