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  1. newbeemike

    Adding a Tang?

    I would go with a small yellow or a Kole tang. Definately do not waste your money on a powder blue. They are very expensive and will stress out in a tank under 100 gallons. I made this mistake in the past with my 75 gallon tank. I wanted a power blue so bad that I ended up buying 3 different...
  2. newbeemike

    Hoopsdaddy's 165g build

    my Vlamingi is definately my favorite
  3. newbeemike

    Biodarwin's 55 gallons of glory

    nice setup. welcome to the hobby
  4. newbeemike

    I am back and getting bigger

    Hello everyone, I am back. Have not been on Living reefs in a while. Since I have last posted I have gone bigger (tank that is). I went from a 75 gallon tank to a 210 gallon tank. I love it. Looking to buy some more sps coral. As I said earlier it is a 210 gallon reef ready tank. Black...
  5. newbeemike

    I need help with Lionfish???

    try some live fish. That might tempt him. Get some little fresh water guppies and put them in the saltwater tank with him. They usually will go crazy casing them. and the fresh water fish will last a little while in the saltwater and will slow down long enough for the clown to catch them...
  6. newbeemike

    POTY Voting! YESSSSSS!

    Have to go with Gooseman October
  7. newbeemike

    New lights and im going to start adding corals. need advice.

    when I said fine. I meant Fan. sorry
  8. newbeemike

    New lights and im going to start adding corals. need advice.

    You will be suprised what corals you can have with a pc. I would recommend different zoos, mushrooms, some leathers, different polyps. I would use the following light scedual. Blue lights on from 12pm till 2pm by themself (simulate morning). White lights come on at 2pm till 10 pm. (8...
  9. newbeemike

    sump vs wet/dry or both

    As many of you already know. I am going to upgrade to a larger tank. I am pretty Illiterate when it comes to wet/dry filters and sumps. I was wondering, do i need to have a wet dry and a sump, a sump by itself? or the wet dry by itself. Do sumps work as a filter in itself? I was flippng...
  10. newbeemike

    upgrading to a bigger tank and want a lot of advice

    I am going to do it. I am going to upgrade to a bigger thank. Slowly of course, my wife will kill me if I run out tomorrow and buy a new set up. So I plan on going out and buying it piece by piece over the next several months. Here is what I am planning. I would like some recommendations on...
  11. newbeemike

    Metal Hallide Hight Above Tank?

    I would say it was a rookie mistake, but Ive been doing this for about 5 years or so. I guess I can say I am a Metal Halide rookie (yehhhhh, thats the ticket,Iam a MH rookie). I have to admit I was not thinking and let the idea of having MH make me do bad things (hahaha).
  12. newbeemike

    Metal Hallide Hight Above Tank?

    I didn't acclimate anything to the lights. At the time of the switch I didn't have a lot of coral. Some zoos, pulsating zenias, a carpet anenome for maroon clown, and 3 leathers. The only thing that lived was the carpet anenome that sits on the bottom right of the tank. He is now white...
  13. newbeemike

    tank price

    Man! First Bitterwine or Bifferwine , now Classcages for glasscages Man, have to stop drinking before I post. hahahaha
  14. newbeemike

    tank price

    sounds a little high. check craigs list. Go to They sell new setups 75 gallon drilled, 20 gallon acrylic sump, bulk heads, and stand for $688 (brand new). YOu can get power compact lights new for about $200. OR find some used ones on ebay for about 100 or so. I just sold a...
  15. newbeemike

    want bigger tank but same lights

    Think I will go with the 120. Until that is not enough and I have to go bigger and upgrade the lights. My wife is going to kill me. hahaha
  16. newbeemike

    want bigger tank but same lights

    Hey Bifferwine. Not only did I get the name wrong, but I always assumed you were the guy in the picture.LOL:D Just saw ur note. "I am the girl.
  17. newbeemike

    want bigger tank but same lights

    OPPS Bifferwine, my bad. So you would say a 60 is ok. and a 72 would be pushing it?
  18. newbeemike

    want bigger tank but same lights

    I currently have a 75 gallon tank with 2x250 watt MH lights. Light were recently lifted off the tank and are hanging between 17 and 18 inches above water level (thanks bitterwine for the advice, doing better). I was thinking about getting a bigger, longer tank. My tank and lights are 48inches...
  19. newbeemike

    Metal Hallide Hight Above Tank?

    Salinity= 1.022, Calcium =500, Nitrate= 0, PH (dkh 12), phospate=0, Have not tested magnesium. temp is 79. I do weekly water changes of about 10 gallons. Top off with RO water system I have installed at my house. I ususally don't mix the salt myself. I get salt water weekly from my lps. He says...
  20. newbeemike

    Metal Hallide Hight Above Tank?

    dose oceans blend daily, Started using purple up again. Seeing how rocks bleached. I had no problems with my rocks before I put the metal hallides on. they were covered with purple coraline algea which all died after putting lights.