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    Tank sell-off.

    I would like to purchase the Rodi unit and possibly the frag tank. Could you do 200 for both?
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    Duncan not opening

    In my opinion you need to eliminate both spectrums. Try it in adjusting light while keeping flow the same, and if that doesn't work try changing flow while keeping the lighting consistent. I took this simplistic approach with acclimating mine and I have achieved full polyp extension and its...
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    id this snail plZ

    Yeah. The owner of the lfs had never seen one. So I snatched him up under their " assorted snail" price of 1.99
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    id this snail plZ

    No clue what this dude is. But looks great under the actinics
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    Nothing. It was under there " free shipping " packages
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    forgot to mentionthat I live in Illinois it was not a Florida to Florida shipping situation. It was 55 degrees here today
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    I normally don't do reviews but I felt I had to. I purchased a " rescue crew" from reefs2go. 29.99 with free shipping. It includes 10 nass 10 cerith 10 blue legs 10 larger shells 1 emerald crab 250 pods And whatever macro they have on stock. ... I can't post pics bit the macro looks like some...
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    sump/fuge help

    I would make the fuge into your sump. I tried a simple approach with mine and it works great. I have over flow going into chamber one which contains my heater and skimmer. Bubble trap triple baffle then my fuge area. I chose to use minimal sand and I have about 15 pounds of or rubble and Cheato...
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    Chaeto and Fern Caulerpa

    I'd like some if u still are giving it away. I can pay for shipping
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    WTB chaeto

    At the tail end of my cycle. Wanting to get some Cheato before my first water change since I have so much nutrients in my water right now. So if anyone has some . : cough biff: let me know. Thanks !!!
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    coming back for more

    Hello all. My name is Dustin. I live in the fridgid Midwest. Anyways I had a 30 breeder for a year or so, and got out when money got tight. I'm back at it again and learned a few things. Essentially keeping the same setup I had with the addition of a 20 gallon sump. I have about 60 pounds of...
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    weird pyramid looking snail

    The bottom looks like a Turbo snail, you can make out his pad and his mouth . I'm not 100% though
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    it consumes nitrates, so if there are no nitrates in your tank it will die off.
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    Peppermint Shrimp

    You don't want to bag acclimate inverts. That method on live aquaria is for fish only. You need to acclimate them slowly because they are very sensitive to changes. Put them in a bucket and drip acclimate them over an hour or two.
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    Koralia pump question

    Don't ask questions and get all snooty. We are all here to help one another, and if that's the kind of person you are then you should alt + f4.
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    Getting back into saltwater tanks after a few years

    One question I saw know one clearly answered. The recommended amount of LR is 1.5-2 pounds per gallon. Depending on how porous the rock is.
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    first documented parameters.

    Trites St zero. Water change complete. Got a pair of percs and three snails. 1 Turbo and two nassarius everyone is loving their new home.
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    first documented parameters.

    Faulty test kit. Took it to my lfs and Nh3 0 No2 trace no3 5ppm. Waiting for the trites to come down then comes the first water change WOOT
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    first documented parameters.

    I have the liquid API test kit. And after five minutes and following the instructions it was bright red. So I'm going to take a sample to my lfs and see what their tests say
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    first documented parameters.

    Thanks Hannah. Appreciate the input.