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    Conservation topics

    I would like to see the forum have impact on conservation, tips for breedings, egg maturation, raising fry, which species that are currently bred that are in trouble in the wild -- what's up with Tangs, has anyone patented a clown fish? All the sorts of things that interact with breeding...
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    New member -- teaching tank at university

    My tank is minimalist -- no protein skimmer, and only a biological filter made of aquarium sponge to help process ammonia and nitrite. I use a a marine omnivore gel as a spot feed for the biggest animals, occasional add in some live brine shrimp, then let the mini-biosphere produce everything...
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    My jellyfish cage in my invert tank -- critique please??

    So, I got an upsidedown jelly to teach the kiddies about everyone's favorite deadly invertebrates, the true jellies. Hoo boy, venom in the classroom! But, Jellyfish like to die in pumps or get killed in other horrific ways. And for just one animal I didn't want to set up a separate tank...