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  1. Big K

    Hello everyone! New tank issue @#$!

    Looks like ich to me but luckily I have little experience with it. Do you have a test kit? If you don't trust the store, get a test kit before getting any more animals in the tank! Do you have anything moving the water? They may just be suffocating. How much live rock do you have? Did you cycle...
  2. Big K

    Hitchhiker on the left

    Is it stationary?
  3. Big K

    Spotted Mandarin Advice

    Definitely different sizes is better. They figure out who's the boss easier. Somebody has to be Tony Danza.
  4. Big K

    Spotted Mandarin Advice

    What are you feeding and how often? A large part of aggression is resource guarding.
  5. Big K

    Will my table hold the weight

    If you weigh around 200lbs. Would you sit on this table for an extended period without it buckling or bowing? Because if you have it all set up and it finally gives you're going to have a lot of wasted money in dead livestock and carpet/flooring damage.
  6. Big K

    Inherited 14G BioCube-Please help!

    Welcome to the site! Sorry for your loss but you've gained a very entertaining and satisfying hobby! The best advice I can give about adding livestock is do your research. Knowing what will work in your tank will save a lot of heartache over a new addition dying or worse killing an old...
  7. Big K

    I've had my aquarium 22 or so years. 90 gallons for the past 12 or so years.

    I'm super jealous! Inspired as well though.
  8. Big K

    What are these growing out of my rock?

    Looks like some type of sponge to me. I have the same thing I believe. I'd say it's harmless.
  9. Big K

    Moving a tank, suggestions?

    How'd it go?
  10. Big K

    Fully stocked?

    If you're planning on a reef tank that's a good idea. If you want an idea of tank size limits for fish I always check them out on to see what they need. If they're all good with 90 gallons I'd say you're ok.
  11. Big K

    Fully stocked?

    How long have you had this set up? If it hasn't cycled the the fish are doomed to die. If it came with some Damsels (I suspect that's what they are) I'd guess it's been cycled already. If those fish were all added gradually it should be ok. If they were all added at once you will have major...
  12. Big K


    What are your parameters? What kind of light do you have? Try gently placing it in another location. Massage the foot onto a rock until it sticks there. See if it's sticky or not when you handle it. Sticky means healthy.
  13. Big K

    Cleaning an old tank

    My 110 sat for a week filled with a vinegar solution, then was thoroughly rinsed out. I've had it up for a year and fish are good! I would be more afraid of bleach than vinegar. I can drink vinegar and not die.
  14. Big K

    Carib Sea Life Rock - worth the hype?

    It depends on your setup really. If you want a lot of really interesting shapes and lots of nooks and caves and not just blocks of boulders it may be for you. I personally would get a bit of the cheaper live rock for the sump and get some dry rock for the display and make some interesting shapes...
  15. Big K

    My 600 gallon reef tank

    So So VERY Jealous! Sohal is my absolute fave fish. looks great! What size tank is that quarantine setup?
  16. Big K

    best fish choice for reef tank

    I have a pink spotted as well (Mr. Pinkerton) and he's a joy! Doesn't bother anything and perches around the tank. My dog loves him as well and hops up onto a stool to look at him when he's out on the sandbed.
  17. Big K

    Scopas Tang

    why not feed more often? I got a yellow tang out of my tank with a homemade fish trap. Took a large tupperware container and cit a slot in the lid and put water and food inside then didn't feed for a bit. They'll eventually go in looking for the food. I had to weigh it down with a few rocks though.
  18. Big K

    Feeding Time

    Corals or fish? I think feeding corals just at lights out is better because some only extend feeders at night. Fish I don't think it matters what time of day. I feed mine at all different times, with different types of food.
  19. Big K

    New anemone trouble

    Welcome to Living Reefs! What kind of Anemone is it? Maybe sequester the clownfish for a short period until it attaches itself? Or put the anemone into a container with some sand and a rock it can attache to?