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    Live Aquaria Order!

    Hey Brian!Can I get in on this?:bowdown:
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    This is my diy overflow on a back drilled tank Reef Central Online Community - 75g Reef Project Journal
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    Nashville Frag Swap

    I B GOIN!Anybody know of a decent hotel in Goodlettsville around $60?
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    Well Get Ready!

    They will fire him next year when they lose to AU.Come on!BEAR is dead
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    president shoots vice president

    WHATS GOING ON!Brandon did you get shot?
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    CHRISTmas gifts?

    Oh...I got $150 from Santa if anybody has a 2x175 or 2x250 MH set up with good eletronic ballasts they want to get rid of.:mrgreen:
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    CHRISTmas gifts?

    I got one of those $16 telescoping grabbers from petsmart.I like it but I never would have bought it for myself!
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    75 Reef Project

    Updated:FINISHED! just in time for Christmas. Reef Central Online Community - 75g Reef Project Journal
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    75 Reef Project

    UPDATED Building the sump.Cheak it out tell me what ya think! Buzz!
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    FS:75g non RR Oceanic tank & stand with canopy...$150

    The one thats at your house!
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    New Club Forum?

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    New Club Forum?

    So does this mean I have to pay $20 to chat with u guys?Isn't THIS the Chattanooga Reef Club forum?I would join if the meetings were a little closer!You have a good group of folks:Cheers: Buzz!
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    FS:75g non RR Oceanic tank & stand with canopy...$150

    Sorry about the first pic.Here it is....[/IMG]
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    FS:75g non RR Oceanic tank & stand with canopy...$150

    Tank has some scratches but they are not that noticeable when filled.I'll throw in a Imperor 400 filter and I'll knock off $20 if you don't need the canopy.Fishman said he wanted the canopy if posible.More pics in my gallery. Thanks...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yes,we do all have alot to be thankful for.Two years ago today I was in multiple organ failure and did not know if I was going to make it.I DID!and after five weeks in the hospital I made it home for Christmas.I am indeed thankful! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! BuZZZZ! P.S. When I...
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    75 Reef Project

    Hey guys cheak out my project thread!Reef Central Online Community - 75g Reef Project Journal
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    DIY overflow on backed drilled tank ?

    Hey Guys! Im building a 22wx2.5dx5.5in tall overflow box out of acrylic to go over two 1in drains in a 75g.I'll be useing a mag 12 for the return.The more linear overflow the thinner the water thus less noise and better surface skimming so I've read.My questions are should I cut teeth in the...
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    Thanks Chattanooga Reefers

    Thanks to Brandon,Angela and Tucker for hosting a great meeting!I am glad I got to attend and hope to do so agin.Thanks Brian for the blue legs and the free boat tips.Thanks to Gwenolyn for the frag.You are the best lookin reefer I've ever met:Cheers...
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    Anybody have any LPS's or neat zoa's for sale or trade?

    nop.I think that was Bill