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    Some tank pics... (DIAL UP BEWARE!)

    Not bad I guess there DAVE. Looks really good wait til you get that mine Kalk reactor going. The corals will love ya .. mike
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    Math question?

    Another thing you can try is with my FOWLR 170gal tank witha 45 gal sump. I use 1x 300w heater and use my MAg 24 for the second heater since its a whopping 250 w its also heaating my water being a insump pump to run my skimmer. HTH Just to let you guys know up in canada is cost me around...
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    20 gallon lighting

    Well if i may chime in here. I have found IME that PC tend to loose there punch of power around the 6 month mark. Vho on a 20 gal are really good they have the intense lighting you are looking for but that is IMO. and some one might not agree with me on this one. but it boils down to one...
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    Which salt mix do you prefer?

    I love using tropic marin used it on my 75 gal SPS, got great resoults with it too. ands then there is the good old instant Ocean.
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    Does anyone know what this fish is??

    Some sort of a trigger. paste it on Reef central and you may get a quick answer.. mike
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    For all newbie's to read this will help you thru time and sorrell have fun later mike :Cheers:
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    Looking for a small nano skimmer

    need a remora / remora pro any one has one for sale please PM me or post here .... Thanks mike :mrgreen:
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    Can't Believe it but i am Looking at ICH

    HOpe it helps. be patience thou ok I have watched the tank go from ick to no ick in 1 day and again come back. Garlic doesnt take the ick away. It just drops the ick off the fish. Until the fish is freak out in your and my case the tangs always are there for ick..
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    Specific Gravitiy for0

    Thanks man I appreaciate it very much.. :Cheers:
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    Very cool Site indeed

    Ya i love it its easier to keep clean. Lots of flow and my glass is always clean. and i have more room for the fish to swim to.
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    Can't Believe it but i am Looking at ICH

    Ok then with ICK you need to wait there are times that ICk will go way in a afternnoon , and then there are days that it will take forever. My tank I'm battling ick for atleast 3 weeks now. At first it ws my Kleins butterfly then i noticed it on my Scopas tang SO i dosed with the garlc Gel...
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    Very cool Site indeed

    Actually yes they get along really good
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    Can't Believe it but i am Looking at ICH

    WEll the So called ICK could have been from the Sand in your tank if you have any. stated in one of the posts here already. HAving 100 PPM with Nitrates is not good and if you have a Sand bed well its not deep enough. to convert the nitrates to 0ppm. Or like I already stated a sand bed...
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    Specific Gravitiy for0

    Very good advice...
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    What a excellent idea

    I just noticed some of the words underlined in other posts and if you put your mouse on it, it tells you what it means ... excellent idea... what a great way for help out the newbies in this wonderful hobby... mike
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    Specific Gravitiy for0

    Here is a little trick that i do. Make a drip container just like if you are going to drip Kalkwasser. Then depending on the container fill up the container with Salt water and make it double or triple the salinity and then mix it good in the container. Then drip 1x drip every 1-2...
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    May be this will help

    Calculators Aquarium System Volume Calculator: The Reef Chemistry Calculator: Basic Reef Chemistry Reef Aquarium Water Parameters...
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    Very cool Site indeed

    here are afew fisheis in my tank hope you enjoy
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    Very cool Site indeed

    Well here is a Shot of my 170 Gal FOWLR. Hope you like..
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    Newbie looking for advise

    If I can say a few words being new to this forum. I would highly recomend the Live rock. Its going to help in the long run keeping the bio load in check. If you have no Live Rock you wont have any little creatures living in the rock to eat or convert the nasty's away in your tank. Unless you...