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    I just spent over $200 in fish a week ago and not only are they all dead but one but my prize 2 year old black clown is on its last legs. I will follow up with how they respond to the email I wrote them but obv in a 12 year old reef tank you will not find all the dead fish corpses and they want...
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    new addition green carpet

    just got this from my friend as it is too large for his tank and stinging his is super sticky and came with a skunk clown..i read that these are a little difficult,,im starting with a good one so any extra info to keep it this way aprieciated..
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    New 40 watt Sterilizer 4/S

    i would like try a uv to help rid my ich problem but am a little cash short..i do have a power head controler sanders i believe and a little cash if your intrested..what is the price u are lookin to get >? ty
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    ich in reef tank help please

    could u please post the names and a pic if possible of the best cleaner gobies for this job>? are they immune to the ich or can they still get it >? i do have 2 cleaner shrimps allready and they keep busy cleaning the fish:) also can u recommend an inexpensive uv strerilizer that works well >...
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    ich in reef tank help please

    unfortanently with our small apartment and new baby this is not an option.. i use to have one years ago but now i need another route also having a hell of a time trying to catch the fish in the reef tank since i havent needed to do this before im clueless..they run when the net hits the...
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    lets c if this works..reef pics of my tank

    the tank is so overgrown with corals a need to get a scissor or lawnmower in ther and give it a trim..
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    same thing happened to me years ago with an elegance coral..the piece u got was not taken care of good or injured while put in your tank and a bacterial infection occoured. that is what the whitish bubble was,hense the coral disapeared and died..happens with bubles,frogspon,hammer,ect. if...
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    ich in reef tank help please

    aloha, ive had my tank running for 20 years with-out too much of a problem..i caught a racoon butterfly a few months back to help aliminate the ast. anomes that started popping up and wouldnt you know it ,ich killed most of my fish..only the oldest clown and damsels evertime i try...