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    May Meeting - Fish Paradise

    Club Meeting Brian and I will try to be there. Thanks for thinking of us Steve :D Tina
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    Sun Coral Frag Trade/Sell

    Sun Coral Can you let me know how much you want for the sun coral? :question: Thanks, Tina
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    Sun Coral Frag Trade/Sell

    Sun Coral What kind of lighting does this coral need? :question:
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    Pics of stuff you got!

    I think there needs to be a royal flush LOL :pooh:
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    Blue Zoanthids

    Concerning Corals Fred, do you have a website of corals that you have to sell?
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    Photo Gallary

    How do you post to the photo gallary? I have tried to upload pictures twice with no success :frustrat: Tina
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    Pics of stuff you got!

    Aquarium Stores Thanks for all of the information. We will try to make a trip to Atlanta soon!! :bounce: Tina
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    Pics of stuff you got!

    Trip to Cappuccino Bay Brian and I are not going to be able to go tomorrow night to Cappuccino Bay. He has to work until 5:30 or later so that will not give him enough time to go. Now that I have found it on the internet we will try and go another time. Thanks for the information yesterday...
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    How do you catch a Camel Shrimp?

    Update on Camel Shrimp No luck yet. We made a trap and placed the brains in it that the shrimp had already destroyed to use as bait. I have not been anywhere to get other bait. I moved my other two brain corals to a new location in the tank. I am sure they will eventually find them. :frustrat:
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    How do you catch a Camel Shrimp?

    I am in desperate need of a way to catch 3 Camel Shrimps that were placed in my reef tank. They have eaten two brain corals :death: , a leather coral and they are starting on another leather and another brain. Does any one have a suggestion besides breaking down the whole 75 gallon reef...
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    Red Sea Prizm protein skimmer

    Prizm Skimmer I started out with a Red Sea Prizm Skimmer and I could never get it to work like I wanted it too. I purchased a Sea Clone 150 and it does a wonderful job on my 75 gallon reef tank. Tina :wave:
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    Next Meeting

    Meeting When is the next meeting? :goldfish: