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    New girl

    that sticker will usually say if any of the glass is tempered, mine says the bottom is tempered and it's a 60g, also, there might be a sticker on the crossmember at the top of the tank telling what is and isnt tempered
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    Aiptasia or Feather Duster?

    ive seen aptasia stretch out and have a very small tube, if it doesnt have a calcified tube, im most likely not a tubeworm, the tube will literally look like a white vein on the rock most times with the smaller hitchhikers, the only other type ive seen is actually in the rock itself and you can...
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    My first saltwater aquarium. 14g BioCube.

    your tank looks great. as for the clowns, mine doesnt host atm but he's all alone. my roommate's on the other hand host on his fungia plate, and that thing gets almost all large meaty foods that get put in the tank, they will even steal meat from his eel. mean little buggers
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    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    oh, also, your tank is looking great. hope everything thrives in your new setup
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    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    i do believe that shroom is called an elephant ear mushroom, my roommate has 2 and they are both huge, i have one in my fish only tank b/c it was half the size of my 10g reef tank. i've read that they can get pretty massive tho. oh and not sure of their size, but my roommate's are about the size...
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    sea urchen ate a fish!!!

    my urchin did the same thing, but he's just doing his job as part of the CuC, that fish was obviously dead long before the urchin got hold of it. of course that one looks pretty small, whereas mine is about the size of a softball
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    Bristle Worm?

    oh, and Homer, once you get to America I bet you'll change your opinion. you'll be like the rest of us, hating the A-holes and liking the rest. we are pretty much like every other country in the world, there are good people and there are jerks, it's just that the jerks get more attention
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    Bristle Worm?

    there's a really fun way to test your bristleworms to see if they are fireworms, just give em a tap with your skin, if it hurts, its a bristleworm, if it burns like someone just slammed your hand onto a hot stove, it's a fireworm. just like anemones, you don't know if it will hurt or how bad...
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    Need HELP!! Emergency!!

    Dr. G's Antibacterial Rx is a good method of treatment for Ich and other parasites also. you treat the fish, not the water. my 60g has had 2 cases of ich that killed my fish off before i could get to my lfs since my closest lfs is more than 30 miles away. anyway, i bought Dr. G's just in case my...
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    Sand bed

    how long has your tank been up and running? i only ask b/c when i first set my tank up, i had cyano also, but weekly water changes and a small airline tube for cleaning helped me get rid of it in less than a month.
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    Aiptasia or Feather Duster?

    look at the base, if it looks like a "fleshy" base, its most likely not a duster b/c they make "tubes" that they can hide in. and a closer shot would help a lot in the identification
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    New girl

    Reef Breeders LED Fixtures is a great place to find some cheaper, but still good quality lighting, a buddy of mine directed me to them b/c he has a 180g with lps, sps, and softies that are all doing great and his fixtures were only $179 each and thats really cheap for LEDs. also +1 on MarcoRocks...
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    what is this it just showed up

    it looks like the little critters that live in the sand bed in my tank, but mine are usually yellowish brown
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    Cool hitchikers on live rock, received today,

    the cucumber looks like a variation of sea hare, i actually had one that looked almost exactly like that, he has since disappeared but nothing has died off because of it
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    PETCO is selling corals

    my petco is very hit and miss, last time i went in, it looked like half the fish had ich, their coral section is always 100% nicer than the fish section. what's worse is that when you let them know they have a problem, they dont do anything about it, and these guys make you sign a notice saying...
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    Neon Barred Gobies, oh my

    My roommate went to the city today while i was at work, so i asked him to pick me up a few neon gobies b/c ive read that they are great at helping keep parasites away and can protect against ick ( which is what killed off several fish i had the first time i tried to set my 60g fowlr tank up)...
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    How do I keep my Yasha Goby alive?

    your rockwork looks pretty awsome, and i wouldnt be too worried when something as small as a yasha goes missing in a tank with so much space to hide, ive had things go missing for weeks on end only to show themselves when i was feeding or cleaning. and that's with a 10 gallon tank
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    Hello new to this world!!!!!

    welcome to your favorite obsession, would love to see some pics of your tank
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    new member, Central Oklahoma area

    i added the rest of the pics i had of my small tank today and put them in an album, i figured it would be easier to post a link than trying to put them all in one post
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    Introduce yourself with pics.

    hey guys and gals, just thought i'd join in. im new here, but ive had fish of both salt and fresh varieties for about 3 years. anyway, this is the most recent pic i have of myself taken last year. im the goofy-lookin guy with little hair and glasses