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  1. Kelz88

    September POTM - Predators

    My Marty (old pic)
  2. Kelz88

    August POTM - Fish

    Top down of the clowns in the old 55g, one of my fave pics
  3. Kelz88

    algae in scratches

    Ugh I wish I had an answer for you. Most wouldnt notice it but on my tank I do lol.
  4. Kelz88

    Sailfin Death

    I know it was a temp home but I would say stress from the small tank eventually caught up with him
  5. Kelz88

    Lighting a 90

    I love my Kessils, I havent had them long but for the time i have had them they have worked great
  6. Kelz88

    New to LF - Need help raisin' ma fishes

    If i could I would go with the 500 lol but you know a 30 is good too :)
  7. Kelz88

    Testing out new 60D

    Beautiful pics species. I love taking Macro shots of my GSP. Hubby always complains about all the expensive coral in the tank and Im constantly snapping pics of the 5$ frag lol
  8. Kelz88

    stupid mistakes

    Yikes I think i am in a fb group with him. Such a shame about the tank, it was a beauty
  9. Kelz88

    no luck with monti

    Hydro bill is ontario talk for power bill ;)
  10. Kelz88

    moving tank

    My husband and I moved our tank once to trade stands it was not fun lol. We took out all the rock and the majority of the water to do it. Damn thing still was about 400lbs ( i may be exaggerating a little) but him and I managed to move it. I was just a tiny thing at the time lol. To move it...
  11. Kelz88

    ME AGAIN urgggghhh !!!

    Ahhh the joy of test kits. I admit i have gotten lazy, If things in my tank look pissed I do a wc and if they still look mad then I test. I dont dose anything though
  12. Kelz88

    water changes

    I use a garden hose (the metal parts are cut off) for quick water changes and airline tubing for when it needs a more detailed water change
  13. Kelz88

    Fish/parasite inside sea cucumber

    Dont you just love the ocean, lol the things that go on there
  14. Kelz88

    black spots/patches on my reagal tang

    HLLE Maybe?
  15. Kelz88

    Fish Jerky

    so sorry fishy, i remember how proud you were of that little guy
  16. Kelz88

    Is nitrates & phos at 0 a problem ?

    If you have algae then your nitrates are not zero, its a false negative
  17. Kelz88

    kissel a350w or reefbreeders 48" full spectrum?

    I personally LOVE my kessil 360s. Never tried the reefbreeders so I cant comment on them, but my sps have never been so happy :)
  18. Kelz88

    NOY's 110 Gallon Mixed Tank

    Beautiful! Give that hollywood lots of room, they grow pretty fast
  19. Kelz88

    Green Bubble Tip Anemone won't turn green!!!

    Hoiw many bulbs does your fixture have? If it is only two it may not be enough light, nems need a tonne of light