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  1. J

    Bring In The Clown

    Any clown is a good choice I love clownfish, CONGRATS! Did you pass a sigh of relief after waiting for the tank to cycle?
  2. J

    Joint Meeting???

    I dont know if I will be able to make it, I have some prior arrangements with some military buddies, but if I make it back in time I will see what I can do. If not then by all means drink one for me. (only 15 days left)
  3. J

    Selling Some Stuff

    What else are you selling??
  4. J

    Ocean's Salinity

    Actually yes I have I was curious so I did it with ocean water from florida, My readings came out between 34 and 35.
  5. J

    Lunar ligths

    Yep and there cheap through live aquaria you can get the one with the adapter and links I paid 20 dollars for mine and it works and looks great. Just remember "suggested spacing" is1 for every two feet of tank.
  6. J

    I'm Bringing sexy Back!!!

    Looking good freak.
  7. J

    Joint Meeting???

    Hey just a thought but seeing as we wont be there to use the facility, I may can talk to my commander and see about the swap being located at the armory where they held the last gun show, It should be plenty big enough for the swap.
  8. J

    Got out the tripod! Pics!

    They look good bud, You should have taken pics of my tank then maybe they would be one here as well. :D
  9. J

    Et Reef Club

    Thats only when I have too much sweet tea, thank you, alcahol is a different story. :D
  10. J

    Question about cycling a tank

    That is why I asked about the lights could be good, could be bad if it is strip lights then I would, if it is in the form of vhos or halides then I would not.
  11. J

    Et Reef Club

    I will drink with any of you guys!
  12. J

    Question about cycling a tank

    what type of lights??
  13. J

    Joint Meeting???

    I'll be there depending on my deployment departure date.
  14. J

    Who's Alive?

    I'M BACK....... And still alive at the moment :)
  15. J

    April Meeting 07

    I'll be there!
  16. J

    PJ Popeye

    Symptom: One or both eyes protrude from the socket. Some fish also exhibit a lack of appetite. Popeye can be caused from bacterial diseases, abscesses and tumors, eye injuries, as well as over - aerated water.If left untreated, the eye may bulge out so far that the eye can pop out of the socket...
  17. J

    Good news and bad news.

    You also need to find out what is wrong with your system, Ich is as mentioned stress induced fish live with it, the main issue is getting them on a feeding pattern and keeping them there. I suggest a couple drops of garlic extract, and soak there food in selcon as well. Once they stop eating it...
  18. J

    got a polyp rock, and a little orange worm came out?

    Yes thats common youll be fine as long as its not bright red or tan :D
  19. J

    Sump silicone

    Congrats keep us posted!
  20. J

    got a polyp rock, and a little orange worm came out?

    Yes sounds like it.