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    Flame Wrasse/Lineastus Wrase

    Leafy sea dragon...
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    whats your favorite fish?

    I love my regal tank! I have had such an awesome experience with him ever since day one. He's never been shy, is always up for some food and hasn't had any fading of his color! His name is reggie =) Surprising too, I had a bad bout with my tank and ended up losing a few fish due to a combined...
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    My Red Planet frag, growth, pic heavy

    Well I don't have much for advice on water, but I love the photos! It's so nice to be able to see them grow
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    Is this reef safe?
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    Welcome to the site =]
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    How to overstock FOWLR/FOT

    These tanks look like selling tanks at the LFS to me...
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    Um..., I got a Blue Hippo....

    I find my hippo tang really makes use of all the swimming space in my tank, sooner you up grade the better!
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    Chocolate Tang

    He's tiny but growing quick, I'd say he's about an inch and a half
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    Chocolate Tang

    I hadn't even realized they were a mimic until I furiously researched xD
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    Chocolate Tang

    It is so cool watching him grow up. When I bought him he was bright yellow, and his face has been getting progressively darker. One evening he was putting a damsel back into place and in his bossy state I got a little preview of where his spots and strips are going to show up =D He's usually a...
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    Cloudy Water

    Keeping a fishtank of any kind is a responisibility. Saltwater fishtanks are an even bigger responsibility because these are fish we take out of the ocean. If you cannot provide for the fish you have, then it is the responsible thing to do to give them away to someone who can. These animals are...
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    Chocolate Tang

    So after fishing around in one of my fish books ( Dr Burgess fish atlas, third edition) I've found out that my little guy is actually a yellow eye kole tang. I'm happy =)
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    Massive problem!

    If it were me, I would be double checking my test kit and doing a 40% water change and then maybe adding a product by the same of stablity to help out. I wouldn't do more than 40% daily because then you pose a risk to your livestock. Good luck!
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    Flat worm... Help !!!

    I just bought a bunch of coral from a fish store that i usually do not buy from because they've always had a flatworm problem! I was so paranoid by the time they were done aclimating i ended up shaking them around in the water, then a freshwater dip, then another shake, then a second freshwater...
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    Mimic Tang

    Well with the chocolate tangs they are usually okay with two in the same tang just so long as they aren't the came color. Basically you'll be fine until they are both adults then you will have to move one.
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    Fragging Riccordeas?

    I have a colony of purple rics that will developpe a new mouth but will then split by themselves, I hope it works out well for you!
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    finaly got some :)

    I work in a fish store and i really do my best to educate people about the fish I sell them. Congrats on the ponies!
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    Chocolate Tang

    No they aren't ich, they look like a pattern developping. I was flipping through the third edition of the Cr Burgess fish Atlas and I noticed that the chocolate tang that mimics a half black angel starts out yellow like my little guy and then gets this type of spotting covering a large portion...
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    Mono Argentius

    All I know about them is they get really big and are often kept in freshwater in pet stores. I believe the need meaty food, but i'm not sure. Sorry!
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    Wrasse attacked?

    I'm very sorry to hear that Sharkie =( he definetly was a cool fish. In the past I've had alot of luck with a product by the name of immuno vital. I use it when I add new fish, do anything that may stress my current fish, and I've dosed it when I noticed a few specks of ich on my anthias. It...