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    Nassarius snails

    Yeah, those whelks are supposed to be bad. Although, theres billions here where I live. Ive collected tons of them for friends with fish only tanks... I wish we could use them.
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    Lemonpeel and Flame Angel

    Id have to agree. it does depend on the fish, but even then, later on thigns can change.
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    wtb good lighting for a 55

    right now, next thing to haildes would be t5. t5's with individual reflectors can be stronger. they still put off a bit of heat from what ive seen. then vhos and pcs. but unless your keeping sps or clams, you wont likely need t5 or halide. One of my local reef friends has a 75 gallon...
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    how many keep urchins and what kind

    Im not sure on all urchins, but a friend of mine has a pincushion urchin in his reef tank. Its really a pain. it picks up hermits, snails, frags, anything small, and moves it wherever... he likes it though. Only sometimes he loses frags for a week or so before he finds them again. And, Hes...
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    When to use kalkwasser

    I used to use B-ionic 2 part. alot of locals use it with great results also. Also remember if you are to use kalk to drip it in slowly, and at night when the lights are off.
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    Probably a worn out question

    look for a pistol shrimp/ goby pair. that would be fun. then go coral.
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    keep calcium, alkalinity and magnesium in check and up to the correect levels. then time.
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    Newbie Copepods/Maderine question

    yeah thats the limit already. even the royal is pushing it in such a small tank. just remember they will get bigger. and want alot of room. kinda like craming u and 3 friends in a bathroom when your little. its cool. but what about now??? Also. without the LR to support his eating...
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    Fish Identity Help

    yup. i was gunna say looks like chris's sweetlips
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    a LOOOONG vacation

    ok once this batch runs out, which it should today, ill just refill with fresh water with no kalk. If I can actually find chromis locally lol, i will likely get 2-3. I know the tank is mature enough to handle it. Its not really starting off, more like a second time around. As for the...
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    a LOOOONG vacation

    Well, Ive been MIA from the fish sites for a bit now. I get on reefcentral every so often to check for sale ads though. Ive been waiting out my 8 weeks of baren tank. Im 2 weeks short and starting to get excited again!!! I lost my first 3 fish last time, and ive made some changes since...
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    Ok, have I been doing this wrong?

    I would take what most fish stores say with a grain of salt. I did my first water change after nitrites hit 0. I did my second once nitrates hit their peak. Honestly, I would say I do 1 per month. I also do more than the 10-20% also. I have a bit over 1200 gph in my 55, and I plan on...
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    cool pics w. ID

    ahh yes the great site of melev!!
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    what is it?

    Yeah I have tons now, no bigger than an eraser tip. most are 7 legged, and a few are diferent. I watched the other night as thousands of pods swarmed to the flashlight at 4 am!!!! it was CRAZY, I have now found about 10 snails i never knew were there also. This was JUST from some live sand...
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    Updated 125g Pics (Dial up, you know the drill!)

    Canon 350D Rebel XT and another canon im checking out now myself. glad to see they do some nice pix!!! I really like those first zoos.
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    Diy Refuge

    yeah, but its not really needed. at least from what ive seen on a few tanks now. as long as its fully supported in all 4 corners, your golden. (and level LOL) to make one like this, you would need some eggcrate, sheets of acrylic, plexi, lexan. glass even. just section off each partition...
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    snails dying!

    lol, mine are always doing that, but they eventually go about their business. you can try to pull them apart if u do it slow enough.
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    snails dying!

    go get trochus snails. mine eat everything they move over. they survive my crazy-ass temp swings lately. they can right themselves if they fall over (ive seen it) and they are actaully pretty fast snaills too lol. I have 4 and they basically keep my 55 clean within reason along with 6...
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    New Tank

    4 foot could still mean 120 gallon.
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    canopy stuff

    someone should send me my first coral for free lol. you pick what it is. anyways lol. i now have my canopy. I need to install and cut for fans. but should I: put one on each end facing into canopy. one one each end, one in canopy, and one pulling air out I also thought of drilling...