Old Tom

Grew up in a small rural community in south eastern Michigan. My family roots can be traced back to the landing of the Mayflower and to the third wife of Henry VIII of England. Some members of my family still live on land that was provided by President Andrew Jackson. I enjoy tracing my family history, of my eight great grandparents seven of them can be traced to the revolutionary war and one was second in command under General George Washington. While my family is a bit stoggy, I deplore formality and that is why I moved to California at the age of 22. People would say i am a conservative liberal in my thinking and I think way out of the box and that is why I was so successful in the company that I worked for 30 plus years before retiring. People often think my thinking patterns to be somewhat convoluted, but time often finds my thoughts to be on track just a bit ahead of the flow of time.